Revision of Basic Pay Scales 2017 and Adhoc Relief Allowance 2017

Revision of Basic Pay Scales 2017 and Adhoc Relief Allowance 2017

Pakistani Government Finance Division has issued Notice No. F.4(3)R-4/2011-Revision policy wing dated 10-10-2017. This news is about Adhoc Relief Allowance 2017 @15% of Basic Pay Scales.

This is a Modification of Basic Pay Scales 2017. There is a contribution of Adhoc Relief Allowance 2017 @15% of Basic Pay to the public Servants in BPS-1 to BPS-22.

It has coordinated to express that endless supply (of) update of essential pay scales 2017.  The government employees will get Adhoc Relief Allowance 2017 @ 15%  in BPS1 to BPS22 w.e.f 01-10-2017. Finance Division has updated OM No. F.1(3)/pixie/2017-5000 dated 09-10-2017.

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It has between Alia been chosen. Pay scales 2017 have corrected. The government will give Adhoc Relief Allowance 2017 @ 15%  to existing conditions. The govt will likewise be material to the representative of self-ruling or semi-self-governing bodies.

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Revised Pay Scales 2017

Revision of Basic Pay Scales 2017:

There is a Revision of Basic Pay Scales 2017. Adhoc Relief Allowance 2017 @15% of Basic Pay has granted to the Civil Servants in BPS1 to BPS22.

The pay commission has suggested basic pay for government workers. The government has announced a pension for retired people, from July 1, 2017.

The move will profit from 5.2 lakh workers. Similarly, 5.73 lakh beneficiaries and furthermore around 73,000 workers here. The government has supported neighborhood bodies and non-showing staff of schools and colleges of the state.

Adhoc Relief Allowance 2017:

Above all, the commission has prescribed that the update of pay an annuity is to be notionally affected from July 1, 2017. So, the subsequent monetary advantage being paid from April 1, 2018. In the event that executed, the modification of pay, recompenses, and benefits. For instance, there is a cost and expected Rs 10,508 crore every year.

The commission said, the commission headed by resigned IAS officer. MR Srinivas Murthy has presented the principal volume of the answer on Wednesday.

Minimum Basic Salary with Revision of Basic Pay Scales:

However, the minimum base pay has organized Rs 17,000. The government will give the greatest pay Rs 1,50,600 or more stipends. After the amendment, the Minimum salary is Rs 8,500 and the maximum Rs 75,300 has adjusted every month.

Family Compensation & Revision of Basic Pay Scales:

The family compensation has adjusted up to Rs 45,180 every month.  The government will set a dearness stipend. The commission said that the government will give family compensation on July 1, 2017.

Retiring Age of an Employee:

In other words,  the commission consented to hold the greatest age for resigning at 60 years. Therefore, it has suggested that the base qualifying administration for intentional retirement be diminished from the present 15 years to 10 years. Therefore, the qualification for getting full annuity to be decreased from 33 years to 30.

However, the rent rates of the house have prescribed. It has reconsidered to 24 for each penny, 16 for every penny, and 8 for every penny.

The most extreme death-cum-retirement tip has proposed to  Rs 20 lakh from the present Rs 10 lakh. The commission has likewise prescribed installment of extra annuity to all retired people matured over 80 years.

The government has ordered to give extra benefits for retired employees. The employees will get more benefits than before.

Medical Facility:

It has likewise prescribed medicinal repayment advantage to resigned ones. The family retired will get medical facilities.

In addition, these advantages will cost the state government Rs 500 crore. So, the government recommends a significant increment in different stipends. Therefore, an employee will avail medical and vehicle facility for doctor reach.

On the event, boss clergyman Siddaramaiah said the second volume of the suggestions has submitted for three months.  “We have three months to think about the second volume of the report”.

In other words, We will return to control the following three months. It is just we will execute the second arrangement of suggestions,” Siddaramaiah said.

Lastly, he surrendered the proposal. He said it is an extra weight on the state government.

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