Child Protection Order by Chief Minister Monitoring Force School Education


Notification No. DD(M)/Child Protection/2018 is issued by Government of the Punjab Chief Minister Monitoring Force School Education Department dated 23-01-2018 regarding Child Protection Order by Chief Minister Monitoring School Education Punjab.
The competent authority has been pleased to reiterate that there is the complete ban on corporal punishment in all educational institutions(public and private).

 Previous Child Protection Order 2016:
Letter No. 3855/Admin is issued by Directorate of Public Instructions Elementary Education Punjab dated 20-12-2016 regarding Child Protection Order.
Provision of Information in connection with incident of Corporal Punishment in Government school

It is submitted to all Executive District Officer Education in Punjab.
It is directed to request you to trace and inquire into the matter of corporal punishment and harassment of a school child reflected on electronic as well as on social media of the above incident. A copy of application along with annexures containing three pages of Syed Miqdad Mehdi Advocate High Court Right Defenders Lawyers & Consultants Lahore submitted Government to the Punjab, School Education Department is attached herewith for immediate action.
In the light of above, you are directed to trace the school teacher and the child whose photographs as well as video clip is sent herewith for immediate compliance in this regard.

It is directed to request you to provide the requisite information at once through Email at and The hard copy of the same may also be submitted immediately to this office.

Punishment to Teachers in District Bahawalnagar:
Order No. 3120/Admn(M) is issued by Chief Executive officer (DEA) Bahawalnagar dated 01-04-2017.
What a Crime and Punishment under PEEDA ACT 2006 during Recruitment of Teachers in Punjab
Whereas, disciplinary proceedings under PEEDA Act 2006 were initiated against Crime and Punishment given below secondary school teachers on the report of supervisor concerned regarding data entry of applications for Recruitment of Teachers in Punjab, by issuing show cause cum personal hearing notice, on the given below charges:
1. Misconduct (deny to perform obligatory duty assigned to him.
2. Misbehave with charge /supervisor for data entry in the lab.
3. Disobedience of the order of authority.

Child Protection Order

Whereas, the accused were offered an opportunity of personal hearing on 31-03-2017 enabling them to defend their position with documentary proof, which they availed accordingly. During the course of a personal hearing on this Crime and Punishment, the accused submitted their defense reply which was perused thoroughly by undersigned and found unsatisfactory.
Therefore, undersigned in capacity of competent authority, in this case, is of the opinion that charges leveled against accused stood proved so, a minor penalty of fine for the amount mentioned against each, is hereby imposed upon given below SSTs under section 4 (iii) of Punjab Employees, Efficiency, Discipline & accountability PEEDA Act 2006.

Name of SST (CS)
Penalty Imposed
Mr. Imran Ahmed  SST (CS) Govt. Comprehensive School Bahawalnagar
Fine of One basic pay
Mr.  Shoaib Mehmood SST (CS) Govt. H/S 112/M, CTN
Fine Rs. 5000
Mr. Adeel Ahmed SST(Sc) Govt. H/S 140/M, Chistian
Fine Rs. 5000
Mr. Adeel Ahmed SST(CS) Govt. H/S 129/M, Chistian
Fine Rs. 5000
Mr. Zahid Hameed  SST(CS) Govt. H/S 140/M, Chistian
Fine Rs. 5000
Mr. Mohsin Saeed SST (CS) Govt. H/S 99/F, Chistian
Fine Rs. 5000
Mr. Zaheer Ud Din Baber, SST(CS) GHS There Peru wali MND
Fine Rs. 5000
Mr. Khurram Usman SST (CS) GHS Muhammad Pur Sansaran MND
Fine Rs. 5000

Principal/ Head of Institution concerned is directed to ensure deposit of the amount of fine into government treasury in a relevant head on challan 32-A and submit the compliance report to this office within two days of receipt of this order.

 Notification of Child Protection Order by Chief Minister Monitoring School Education Punjab


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