Punjab Teacher Salary Average after Upgradation Pay Scales For Teachers

Punjab Teacher Salary Average is superior to prior after Upgradation of Pay Scales For Teachers in an announcement dated 25-09-2017. Every one teacher is happy and will get the earliest pay now following up-gradation.
Punjab Government School Education section has upgraded posts of most important School Teachers PSTs and Elementary School teacher’s w.e.f 01-01-2018. Before that, there was a confusion that Government will upgrade these posts or not.

All old news has attached herewith for your in rank. It is to know about the real situation of this material.

Punjab Teacher Salary Average in Budget Speech 2017:

Upgradation Punjab School Teachers as per Budget Speech 2017 School Education Department has announced. This news “School Education Department is going to Promote Grade-09 teachers to Grade-14”. This news has published here first & on the Punjab Government website dated 08-06-2017.

Provincial Minister for school education – Rana Mashhood Ahmed Khan has said that evolutionary steps have taken in social sector reforms under the leadership of chief minister Punjab. Punjab region has the accessible historical budget, he added.
In addition, he said this while giving an update to media-men on instructive reforms at 90-share-e-Quaid-e-Azam the past. He said that we have to reinstate the admiration of the teachers.

Punjab Teachers Pay Scale:

School Education Department is going to Promote pay scales for teachers Grade-09 teachers to Grade-14 whereas Grade 14 to Grade 16 and Grade 16 to Grade 17.

However, Secretary Schools Education Dr. Allah Bakhsh Malik done a great job for the up-gradation and betterment in pay scales for teachers, he added.
Rana Mashhood Ahmed Khan said that schools education section is going to send as many as 5000 best production teachers to the best institution of the globe for their capacity house.

He said that 80 thousand teachers are recruiting on worth this year. Teachers are our asset and they are changemakers. We will get enroll all children by 2018. As many as 70 Punjab schools prove their metal in the earth under British Councils between classroom project.

Missing amenities, counting clean drinking water, furniture, border walls, electricity are being provide all over Punjab. As many as 5000 early days’ education classrooms have made useful in Punjab the number of which will augment to 10000 next year.

School Education Department is going to establish a complaint cell for improving performance and addressing the complaints. Digital smart boards are being installed in the schools for the capacity building of students he concluded.
Punjab Government School Education Department is firm to upgrade all the teachers working in Punjab. So, It has determined after approval of finance Punjab in budget 2017 on Friday. So, the Punjab teacher salary average will increase now.

Punjab Teachers still awaiting why?

Above all, the Government of Punjab School Education Department has not announced notification regarding the Up-gradation Scales of Punjab Teachers.
Up-gradation Pay Scales For Teachers still awaiting why?
Maximum employees of other departments have taken benefit of up-gradation but teachers of Punjab schools are still awaiting in this regard.
In each day Dunya News, It has reported that scales of Punjab teachers will upgrade till 15th October 2016. Therefore, Secretary Education Punjab Abdul Jabbar Shaheen has supposed that teachers will listen in positive news from the department in the after that month about scales up-gradation.

Punjab Budget 2017-18 and Upgradation of All Teachers PST EST and SST School Education Department SED
This news was given in Budget 2017-18 on Friday 01-06-2017.

Now, this report is authentic for teachers because the Government of Punjab has decided and announced that in Punjab Budget 2017-18. Judgment in this regard has been in use and announce by Punjab money Minister Dr. Ayesha Gous Pasha in Punjab funds 2017-18 for Teachers of Punjab.
Lastly, according to Punjab Budget 2017-18, shell out Scales for Teachers of PST (Primary School Teachers) have upgraded from BPS-09 to BPS-14. EST (Elementary School Teachers)  upgraded from BPS-14 to BPS-15 and those who are already working as EST in BPS-15 will go in BPS-16. Similarly, all EST in BPS-16 and SST (Secondary School Teachers) will get two additional increments.

Punjab Teacher Salary Average after Upgradation Pay Scales For Teachers

Punjab Teacher Salary Average
Punjab Teacher Salary Average

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