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New E Transfer Policy 2023 Uploaded Here

Punjab Government has determined teachers’ transfer and transfer plans for workers of the school education department. So, the govt has issued a new Transfer policy for human resources. Therefore, teachers transfer will create presently according to this new Punjab instructor Transfer Policy for specialists of the School Education Department.

In addition, watching that in spite of the general boycott forced on move/postings in the school training office.

we are sharing a new application format with you. So, Offer it to others to encourage them. Similarly, You can download this application format by the given connection and apply for educators’ exchange strategy now.

UPDATES transfer application for teacher REGARDING  E-TRANSFER POLICY :

In other words, the govt has clarified that the department will lift the ban on transfer in the last week of July 2015. So, the School Education Department Punjab has re-constituted a Committee regarding the formulation of the new transfer policy 2015.  (Amendments in existing transfer policy 2013) under the chairmanship of Special Secretary Schools. Similarly, the following officers of SED will be members of the said committee:
1. Dy.Secretary (EE) SED Punjab 2. Dy.Secretary(SE) SED Punjab 3. DPI (SE) Punjab 4. DPI(EE) Punjab 5. Other co-members from SED Punjab
However, the govt will give emphasis on the following salient features:
  • District Education Authority (DEA) & Directorate of Schools Education (On Restoration) will have a vital role in the said policy.
  • Transfers of Low performer teachers and Headteachers made on the administrative ground.
  • If any FIR will be launched against any teacher/Headteacher on his life threat; He/she will be highly preferred.
  • Divorced Ladies/Widows after the expiry of EDDAT leave will immediately be transferred if applied against the vacant post on compassionate grounds.
  • Open transfer for contract teachers will be made after the completion of 3 years of tenure at a station.
  • Mutual and wedlock transfers will be dealt with as per the policy of 2013.
  • Other terms and conditions of Transfer Policy 2013 will remain unchanged.
Above all, the Daily Express newspaper has published news regarding the new policy about the transfer of Punjab teachers. So, Punjab SED has announced about unmarried teachers to promote as PST. 

Transfer Policy 2016 in Punjab Education Department

However, in this new transfer policy, the department has mentioned that teachers will apply from 25th June to 20th July every
year for transfer. So, three years stay at one station must be for the new educators and those who have less period will not be transferred. There will be a facility for female teachers who have divorced or married who will transfer any time in a year. So, a committee will collect new transfer policy recommendations. Therefore, they will review it before Eid.
This new policy will be applicable for the year 2017. So, the govt will entertain the Promotion of 81 thousand teachers who are recruited from 1987 to 1990 in all 36 districts of Punjab.
Punjab Government School Education Department has issued Letter No. SO(SE-I)1-221/2016 on 11-07-2016 concerning the Transfer and Posting of an executive of the School Education section.

Transfer and Posting of an officer of the School Education Department

Mr. Abdul Khaliq BS-18 Dy. District Education Officer (EE-M) Tehsil Shahpur District Sargodha has hereby transferred and posted as Sr. Subject Specialist Chemistry BS-18 Government Higher Secondary School Mitha Tiwana District Khushab with immediate effect against a vacant post.
A copy has been forwarded for information and necessary action too,
  1. The Director Public Instructions SE Punjab Lahore. 2. The District Coordination Officer District Sargodha/ Khushab. 3. The Executive District Officer Education District Sargodha/ Khushab. 4. The District Education Officer District Sargodha/ Khushab. 5. The District Accounts Officer District Sargodha/ Khushab. 6. PS to Secretary of School Education Department. 7. PS to the Special Secretary (Schools), School Education Department. 8. Head of Institution concerned. 9. Office concerned. 10. Order file.

 DOWNLOAD Punjab Teachers Transfer Application Form 2018

Punjab Teachers Transfer Policy For Employees & Download Application Form

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