Chief Minister Summary Punjab School Staff Transfer

Chief Minister Summary Punjab School Staff Transfer

Transfer/Posting Summary has been issued by the Government of Punjab Elementary and secondary education department on March 2018 about the Posting and Transfer Policy 2018 for the Teaching Staff of the School Education Department Punjab.
Posting and Transfer Policy 2018 for Teaching Staff at the district level will be made in the following manners as per previous instructions on the subject.
There shall be a committee in each district with the following composition
  1. DEO concerned as chairperson
  2. A representative of the Directorate of E&SE not below BS-17.
  3. Concerned DDEO and SDEO

Committee Recommendations:

The committee will recommend transfer and post for different entries at each quarterly meeting at a district. The cadre-wise distribution of posting and transfer in each quarter is as follows,
  • SST, CT, and PST three for each category
  • AT, DM, PET, and QARI one of each category
The committee will base all base of its deliberations on the need of the students of its jurisdiction and this will be a primary determining factor.
Compassionate grounds do not include medical grounds for which medical leave or retirement on the medical ground may be sought as provided for under the relevant rules.
No transfer from a primary school will be considered if it violates a teacher-student ratio of 1:40. if the ratio at primary school is already worse than 1:40 no teacher will be considered for transfer from that school. The only exception will be the commissioning of new schools for which teachers from the most favorable teacher-student ratio in the eligibility may be considered.

Student-Teacher Ratio STR:

The only exception will be
  • Commission of schools for which teachers from the most constructive teacher-student ratio in the neighborhood may be considered.
  • The mutual transfer is allowed but on the right posts.
  • Posting on promotion
  • Posting on vacant posts for providing that the incumbent is not due for departure in the next one year.
Transfer returning from leave or deputation will be considered against a post in only these schools which have the worst teacher-student ratio in the district.
Any aggrieved party may put in an appeal through proper channels and the concerned DEO will forward this appeal along with detailed comments and clear-cut recommendations to the director E&SE who will constitute a committee to consider the appeal and pass a suitable order within the parameters specified above.
Violations of these orders will be considered disobedience, misconduct, and willful negligence and the person responsible shall be proceeded against under the Punjab efficiency and discipline rule 2011.

 Chief Minister Summary Punjab School Teaching Staff Transfer 2018

Punjab School Teacher Transfer 2018



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