Basic Pay Eid Allowance & Advance Salary for Employees

CDA (Capital Development Authority) has issued a Notification. This is about Basic Pay 2018 Eid Allowance, Pay & Allowances Disbursement. So, CDA Employees will draw for the month of August 2018 on 17-08-2018. This notification has issued on 1st August 2018.

However, the incompatibility of CDA Board Decisions, the Chairman, CDA has been satisfied to affirm the dispensing of compensation. Similarly, there are benefits for the long stretch of August 2018. For every Muslim worker/retired people of the Authority payable ahead of time. i.e. on 17-08-2018 through separate Banks/GPOs (all things considered).
2. The installment of EID Allowance will likewise dispense. So, alongside pay just to serve Muslim representatives in the event of EID-UL-AZHA — 2018. Therefore, payable on 17-08-2018 through individual Banks in the accompanying example: –

Class Rate of EID Allowance

a. BS-1 to BS-16 (Non-gazetted) @one month’s running essential pay

b. BS-16 and above Gazetted @ a large portion of month’s running essential pay

3. The installment of EID Allowance will likewise be payable to Contract, Daily Wages. So, Muster Roll representatives (gazetted and Non-gazetted) will make it apparent. Therefore, they will draw. They had selected against comparing standard regular citizen pay scales. In addition, the Treasury Divisor of, DDOs and Accounts Officers (Pay/Audit and Pension). They must be guaranteed that the installment of Salary alongside EID Allowance to serving Muslim workers. So, the retired Muslim people will discharge pension on 17-08-2018 emphatically.


4. The use included will be met out from the current distribution of Budget (2018-19) in the head of Pay and Pension.
Basic Pay 2018 Eid Allowance & Advance Salary for CDA Muslim Employees

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