PEC Exam 2018 School Education Punjab Teachers Duty Payment Online

Punjab Government School Education Department has issued this Letter No. SO(ER-I)1-1/2012(01) dated 09-08-2018. Punjab Examination Commission is a reputed institute of school education. Punjab exam 2018 School Education Punjab has written for Teachers’ duty payment online.

PEC Exam 2018 School Education Punjab:

Punjab 5th & 8th exam held in the month of February and the Punjab Exam commission has announced the PEC result 2018 on 31st March. So, it was necessary to pay teachers after their duties. But still, the Punjab government has not paid their dues online.

However, in this letter, it is clear that the chief executive officer will pay them. Now, the teachers should contact district education officers for their duty dues.

This letter has forwarded to chief executive officers Punjab examination commission Lahore.
The subject of a letter is the payment of wages to teachers who performed PEC duties in February 2018.
In addition, It has directed to say that a letter dated 03-08-2018 of Mr. Kashif Shahzad Ch. Central secretary-general Punjab teachers union Punjab on the subject above.


Lastly, It has further directed to request you to look into the matter and resolve the issue immediately under intimation to this department.
PEC Exam 2018 School Duty Payment Online
PEC Exam 2018 School
PEC Exam 2018 School Education Punjab Teachers Duty Payment Online

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