Prime Minister Delivery Unit of Pakistan Citizen Portal

A letter of Chief Secretary Punjab has written regarding prime minister Delivery unit and implementation of Pakistan citizen portal on 25 October 2018.



The Prime Minister’s office is revamping its delivery Unit so as to make it more efficient and improve its effectiveness the purpose of this reorganization is to facilitate the general public, Overseas Pakistanis and the Foreigners to ensure prompt redressal of grievances. Additionally, Pakistan Citizen Portal is an (online) Intel-paled Citizens Grievances Redressal System connecting all government organizations both at Federal and Provincial levels. The system will serve as a carrier of complaints to their respective offices across Pakistan.


2 A color-coded theme in the official correspondence of Prune Minister’s Delivery Unit (PMDU), is being introduced for the convenience of Ministries/Divisions and (What concerned Government Departments, to enable them to easily identify correspondence and timelines communicated by PMDU Henceforth letters issued from the platform of the PMDU will be based on the color theme as described below:
Prime Minister Delivery Implementation of Pakistan Citizen Portal

Empowering Citizens through the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit of Pakistan Citizen Portal


In today’s digital age, governments around the world are striving to enhance their services and engage with citizens more effectively. Pakistan, with its commitment to improving governance and ensuring citizen welfare, launched the Pakistan Citizen Portal (PCP) as a transformative initiative. On the coronary heart of this portal lies the top Minister’s transport Unit (PMDU), a groundbreaking mechanism designed to facilitate efficient carrier shipping, enhance transparency, and empower residents.

The Genesis of Pakistan Citizen Portal

Launched in October 2018 by Prime Minister Imran Khan, the Pakistan Citizen Portal is an integrated platform that enables citizens to report their grievances, seek information, and provide feedback on government services. It acts as a bridge between the government and the residents, fostering a direct channel of conversation. On the center of this portal, the PMDU plays a pivotal role in making sure the well timed resolution of public troubles and enhancing carrier requirements across numerous authorities departments.

Key Objectives of PMDU

  1. Effective Grievance Redressal: One of the primary objectives of PMDU is to streamline the grievance redressal process. Citizens can report their problems through the PCP mobile application, website, or a toll-free number. The PMDU team then categorizes, prioritizes, and assigns these complaints to the relevant authorities, ensuring prompt action and resolution.
  2. Performance Monitoring: PMDU monitors the performance of various government departments by setting key performance indicators (KPIs). Ordinary checks are conducted to evaluate the progress made by way of these departments in resolving citizen proceedings. This facts-pushed technique allows in figuring out bottlenecks, improving performance, and ensuring accountability.
  3. Citizen Engagement and Participation: PMDU actively promotes citizen engagement by encouraging feedback and suggestions. Via the portal, residents can percentage their critiques on authorities policies, tasks, and provider pleasant. This feedback loop allows a experience of possession among citizens, making them energetic stakeholders within the governance method.
  1. Enhancing Transparency: through offering a obvious platform for citizens to music the popularity in their lawsuits and display authorities actions, PMDU fosters a subculture of transparency and duty. Citizens can get entry to real-time updates on the development of their lawsuits, making sure openness in the government’s functioning.

Achievement memories and impact

Since its inception, PMDU has made large strides in enhancing public service transport. Numerous fulfillment tales highlight the tangible effect of this initiative, ranging from healthcare and training to infrastructure and public protection. By way of addressing citizen worries directly, PMDU has reinforced public accept as true with in authorities establishments and contributed to the overall development of the us of a.Challenges and the Way Forward

While the PMDU has achieved commendable success, it faces challenges such as limited digital literacy, connectivity issues in remote areas, and the need for continuous capacity building among government officials. Overcoming these demanding situations requires concerted efforts from each the authorities and civil society.

To in addition support the PMDU and the Pakistan Citizen Portal, ongoing efforts ought to recognition on increasing digital literacy programs, improving internet infrastructure, and undertaking regular training sessions for authorities officers. Additionally, elevating awareness about the portal’s functionalities and inspiring active citizen participation can be important in making sure its lengthy-term achievement.


The Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit of Pakistan Citizen Portal stands as a beacon of transparency, efficiency, and citizen empowerment. By harnessing the strength of era and fostering a collaborative dating between the authorities and its residents, PMDU has set a precedent for effective governance in the virtual age. As Pakistan continues its journey towards progress and improvement, tasks like PMDU function a testament to the authorities’s dedication to building a prosperous and inclusive country where every citizen’s voice is heard and valued.

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