Department Of Health Letter for Reimbursement Medical Bills

Notification No PA/SECY (Health)/2018/031118 by the government of Baluchistan Health Department Quetta the 03 November 2018 regarding the Department of Health about Reimbursement Medical Bills Collection.

It is submitted to all Administrative Secretaries to the Government of Baluchistan, Quetta.


With reference to the subject cited above, the Government of Baluchistan pays millions fur reimbursement of medical bills every year which is a burden on public exchequers It has been observed that many cases are submitted to the health Department in violation 01 Medical Attendant Rules 2008, which not only puts extra workload on Medical Reimbursement Committee but many times unjustified cases are cleared In view of foregoing, it is requested that the guidelines for submission of medical bills in light of Medical attendant rules 2008 followed, which are re-emphasized again as under:-

1 All referred cases of reimbursement should be submitted within 4 weeks alter that the case will not be entertained, except for genuine reasons like chronic cases of cancer or deceased patients.

2. The reimbursement bills should be complete with the following original documents.

a. Referred by an authorized medical attendant, (concerned specialist and MS) on a prescribed form and will be within four weeks after the date of issuance of the referral letter.

b. CNIC of the government employer and of the dependent as the case may be.
c. MR-II form duly signed by the authorized officer of the hospital where the patient was treated.
d. Affidavit in case the patient is dependent of the Government servant and in case of non-referral cases of emergency/RTA/Target killing.

e. Second (II) form in case of a dependent with age less than 18 years of age.

f. Discharge summary.

g. Original bills and cash memos verified and stamped by the concerned Consultant


3 un-referred cases of reimbursement should not be sent to Health Department for ex-post facto approval except in emergency allowed by Government Including terrorist attack victims, road traffic accidents and chronic diseases defined in medical attendant rules 2008 including cancer All other cases will not be considered and rejected right away.
Department Of Health Letter for Reimbursement Medical Bills Collection Baluchistan

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