Happy Christmas Day 25 December

Happy Christmas Day 25 December 2023, Merry Christmas

Christian community celebrates happy Christmas day 25 December every year. So, this year they will celebrate this with different events. You should know that the Christian community celebrates Jesus christ’s birthday on that day. Almost two billion people in the world celebrate that day. It means that the maximum people of in the world are happy on that occasion.

However, the people do not know about the exact date of Jesus-christ birthday. Therefore, most people celebrate that day on different occasions and dates. But maximum people celebrate on 25th December each year.

Happy Christmas Day 25 December 2023, Merry Christmas

In addition, there is no exact date of the birthday in the Book of the Bible. I think happy Christmas day this year 2021 on Saturday 25 December. Similarly, there are different customs for that day. Because there are different cultures in the world. So, there are different methods to celebrate that day.

Merry Christmas Quotes:

The people wish with a different type of quotes like funny, religious, romantic, general and faraway friends. Please check some important quotes below,

Happy Christmas Day 25 December 2021, Merry Christmas

Christmas Day Gift Cards:


On happy Christmas day, people exchange many gift cards. Similarly, the children are happy to get gifts from family and friends. So, the parents give gifts to their children too. The father Christmas or Santa Claus happily give gifts to the children.

At last, the people get a lot of joy and happiness on that day. They wish each other and visit different types of places in the world. They make their day memorable.

Happy Christmas in Pakistan:

Happy Christmas Day & Quaid on 25 December 2018, the Sindh govt has announced a Public Holiday in Sindh. So, The Sindh Govt has issued a notification.

However, The Government has issued a Notification NO.SOC (SGA&CD) 27(4) (03)/06. The government of Sindh services, general administration, and coordination department Karachi have issued on 22nd December 2018. Therefore, a Public Holiday on Quaid & Christmas Day in Sindh will be observed on 25 December 2018.

Quaid day & Happy Christmas Day 25 December:

Merry Christmas Day 2021

In addition, the Government of Sindh has declared 25th December 2018, (Tuesday) as Public Holiday throughout the Province of Sindh on Quaid-e-Azam Day. Similarly, the Christian community will observe a happy Christmas day for all offices.  So, these are all offices like (Semi-Autonomous Bodies), Autonomous, Local Councils, and Corporations under Administrative Control (Government of Sindh) except essential services.

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: Karachi, dated the 22nd December 2018

Lastly, Copy Forwarded to the following Offices:

In other words, a copy is advanced for Info and essential act to -1. Firstly, the Secretary, Establishment Division, Government of Pakistan, Islamabad. 2. The Chairman, Planning & Development Board, Sindh, Karachi. 3. So, a Senior, Member (Board of Revenue) Sindh, (including all Members Board of Revenue Sindh) Hyderabad. 4. The Accountant General Sindh, Karachi. 5. The Registrar, High Court of Sindh, Karachi. 6. The Chairman, Enquiries & Anti-Corruption, Establishment Sindh, Karachi. Similarly,

7. The Chairman, Sindh Public Service Commission, Karachi. 8. The Principal Secretary to Governor, Sindh, Karachi. 9. The Principal Secretary to Chief Minister, Sindh, Karachi. 10. The Military Secretary to Governor, Sindh. 11. So, the Administrative Secretaries (All), Government of Sindh. 12. The Secretary, Provincial Assembly (Sindh), Karachi. 13. The Secretary Provincial Ombudsman Secretariat, Karachi. 14. So, the Inspector-General of Police, Sindh, Karachi. 15. The Commissioners (All) / Deputy Commissioners (All) in Sindh. 16. The Consultant to Chief Secretary, Sindh for Courts Affairs, Karachi.

17. The Deputy Secretary (Staff) to thief Secretary, Sindh. 18. so, the Section Officer (Public), Government of Pakistan, Ministry of Interior, Islamabad, with reference to their letter No. F.No.2/14/2017 (Public) dated 26.01.2018. 19. The Head of Attached Departments / Corporations / Autonomous, Bodes / Serra. Autonomous Bodies / Local Councils in Sindh. 20. So, the Director (Public Relations) to Chief Secretary, Sindh. 21. The Private Secretary to Chief Secretary, Sindh, Karachi. 22. PS. to Secretary (GA), SGA&CD, Govt. of Sindh, Karachi. 23. Lastly, PA to Deputy Secretary (B&A), SGA&CO, Govt. of Sindh, Karachi.

Listen Merry Christmas Songs on YouTube:

So, a song jingle bell is above. Listen and share among different people. Every year is followed by Christmas day and a new happy year comes after that. The Christian community celebrates a long week and then they celebrate the new year too. So, we wish precious people on that day with messages.

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