Pakistan Employees Honorarium Payment Guidelines

Honorarium Payment Guidelines Election Commissioner Punjab
Notification No .F.1(5)/2018-Acctts 10-Court Street, Lahore the 8th January 2019 regarding General Election 2018 by Office of the Provincial Election Commissioner Punjab.


All District Election Commissioners/DDOs, in Punjab including Islamabad,
Dear Sir, I am directed to say that on receipt of the information received from all DROs on the subject cited above, it was compiled and scrutinized thoroughly in this office, and necessary corrections were carried out according to instructions and sent to the Election Commission of Pakistan, Islamabad for the provision of necessary funds. Now, an amount of it. 137,145,000i-(Rupees One Hundred Thirty-Seven Million, One Hundred Forty-Five Thousand Only) has been provided under sub-head A03919-Payment to Others for Services Rendered which is being allocated to you to meet the expenditure against Grant of Honorarium for DROs/RO/AROs along with their Complementary Staff in connection with the conduct of General Election-2018 for further disbursement amongst them (district-wise list is attached). The detail of the funds is given below: –
It is written as S.No. Name & Designation and at last amount below,
1.     District Election Commissioner/DDO, Islamabad 1,025,000
2.     District Election Commissioner-UDDO, Rawalpindi 6,650,000
3.     District Election Commissioner/MO, Attock 2,275,000
4.     District Election Commissioner/DO Chakwal 1,975,000
5.     District Election Commissioner/DO, Jhelum 1,675,000
6.     District Election Commissioner/DDO, Sargodha 4,675,000
7.     District Election Commissioner/DDO, Khushab 1,675,000
8.     District Election Commissaries/DDO, Bhakkar, 1,975,000
9.     District Election Commissioner/DDO, Mianwali 1,975,000 
10.  District Election Commissioners-I/DDO, Faisalabad 9,470,000
11.  District Election Commissioner/DM, Jhang 3,075,000
12.  District Election Commissioner/DM, T.T.Singh 2,875,000
13.  District Election Commissioner/DDO, Chiniot 1,975.000
14.  District Election Commissioners-/DDO Gujranwala 6,125,000
15.  District Election Commissioner/DDO, Hafizabad 1,375 000
16.  District Election Commissioners/DDO Gujrat 3,475,000
17.  District Election Commissioner/DDO, M.B.Din 1,975,000
18.  District Election Commissioner/DDO, 4,925,000
19.  District Election Commissioner/DDO, Narowal 2,275,000
20.  District Election Commissioner-1/DM Lahore 13,025,000
21.  District Election Commissioner/MO, Shelkhupura 4,075.000
22.  District Election Commissioner/DDO, Nankana Sahib 1,975,000
23.  District Election Commissioner/DDO, Kasur 4,075,000
24.  District Election Commissioner -I/DDO, Multan 5,775,000
25.  District Election Commissioner/DDO, Lodhran 2,225,000
26.  District Election Commissioner/DDO, Khanewal 3,775,000
27.  District Election Commissioner/DDO. Vehari 3775000
28.  District Election Commissioner /DDO, Sahiwal 3,125.000
29.  District Election Commissioner /DDO, Pakpattan 2,275,000
30.  District Election Commissioner/DDO, Okara 3075000
31.  District Election Commissioner /DDO, D.G.Khan 3775000
32.  District Election Commissioner /DDO, Muzaffargarh 5575000
33.  District Election Commissioners/DDO, Layyah 2275000
34.  District Election Commissioner/DDO, Rajanpur 2575000
35.  District Election Commissioner /DDO, Bahawalpur 4675000
36.  District Election Commissioner /DDO, Bahawalnagar 3775000
37.  District Election Commissioners/DDO, R.Y.Khan 5875000
 Grand Total: 137,145,000
2. While making the payment of Honorarium, the following ‘instructions may be kept in view so that any audit objection could be avoided at the time of the audit.
i) Payment of Honorarium should be made to concerned DROs/ ROs/AROs along with their Complementary Staff through crossed cheques. ii) Proper record of payment should be maintained by preparation of Acquaintance Rolls. iii) Record of payment may be kept ready for audit purposes at the appropriate time. iv) The process of disbursement of Honorarium must be completed, before the close of the current financial year to avoid lapse of funds.
It may be ensured that no expenditure is incurred in excess of the actual allocation of funds. As soon as the process of disbursement of Honorarium is completed the confirmation to this effect may be sent to this office for onward submission to the Election Commission of Pakistan. Islamabad for their information and record.
4. The un-spent balance if any, may be deposited into the Government Treasury under the receipt Head of the Election Commission of Pakistan, Islamabad which is given below:
C03-Miscellaneous Receipts
CO3870-Others (Election Receipts)
Yours faithfully,
Muhammad-Javed ) Accounts Officer
Copy forwarded for information too– I. The Secretary. Election Commission of Pakistan, Islamabad with reference to their letter No. F.4(1 ).2018-19/Budget dated 02-01-2019 2. The Accountant General Pakistan Revenue, Islamabad. 3. The Accountant General Pakistan Revenue, Sub-Office. Lahore 4. All-District & Sessions Judges/DROs in the Punjab 5. All Regional Election Commissioners in the Punjab 6. All-District Accounts Offices in Punjab. Accounts Officer


General Election 2018
General Election 2018-Honorarium Payment Guidelines Election Commissioner Punjab

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