Notification Ban on Transfer & Posting Punjab 2019 Deputy Secretary

Notification No.51.2.2/2019 (A) dated 5th January 2019 has issued. This is about Ban on Transfer & Posting Punjab 2019 by a government of Punjab. The services & general administration department deputy secretary (services) has updated it.
I) It has submitted to all Administrative Secretaries of Government of Punjab.
2) It has also submitted to deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) Headquarters for Provincial Police Officer / IGP, Punjab

Notification Ban on Transfer & Posting Punjab:

In addition, a notification transfer ban has updated here on this page. It has uploaded below in image form. The Competent Authority i.e. Chief Minister, Punjab pleased to lift the ban on transfer posting to the extent of followings:
i)         Transfer / Posting of officers / officials against Secretariat Position, (all administrative departments)/ Attached Departments / Semi-Autonomous Body / Autonomous Body.
ii)                Transfer / Posting of Police Officers / Officials in inspectorate of police.
However, ban imposed by Chief Minister, Punjab shall Intact on transfers/postings against field assignments.


Notification Ban on Transfer & Posting Punjab 2019 Deputy Secretary (Services)


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