Press Release National Holidays Update as a Kashmir Day

PRESS RELEASE No. SOW-I(S&GAD) 1-4/ 2018 (P-III) dated Lahore, the 25th January 2019 regarding National Holidays 2019 as a Kashmir Day Punjab Pakistan by a government of the Punjab Services and general administration department (section welfare-I).
However, it is notified for general information that 5th February 2019 (Tuesday) will be a public holiday In the Province of Punjab, on the occasion of Kashmir Solidarity Day. So, this Press Release above is published in all major Urdu & English both Dailies at the Regional and National levels. It may be given publicity wide through media (electronic & Print).



Above all, copy to the Director-General (Public Relations), Punjab, Lahore. Forwarded to:-1. The Principal Secretary to Governor, Punjab. 2. The Secretary to Chief Minister, Punjab. 3. All Administrative Secretaries to the Government of Punjab. 4. The Registrar, Lahore High Court. Lahore S. All Heads of Attached Departments in Punjab. 6. Ail Regional Heads in Punjab. 7. The Registrar, Punjab Smote Tribunal, Lahore 8.All Commissioners in Punjab. 9. All Deputy Commissioners in Punjab. 10. The Secretary, Punjab Public Service Commission, Lahore. II. All Heads of Autonomous, Semi-Autonomous Bodies in Punjab. 12. All Additional Secretaries, Deputy Secretaries, Section Officers in S&GAD. 13 PS to Provincial Ministers, Advisors to Chief Minister and Special Assistants in Punjab, 14. The PSOs to thief Secretary / Additional Chief Secretary, Government of Punjab. 15. The PSs to Secretary (Services), Secretary (I tart’ (Archives), Secretary (Regulations) and Members Enquires, S&GAD. 16. The Section Officer (Public), Government of Pakistan, Minister Interior Islamabad, with reference to his circular No.2/2/2019-Pub1c (MUHAMMAD ZESHAN NADEEM) SECTION OFFICER (WELFARE-1)
Press Release National Holidays 2019 as a Kashmir Day Punjab Pakistan

National Holidays Update in Pakistan: Promoting Unity and Celebrating Diversity

In addition, the Government of Pakistan, in its commitment to fostering national unity and acknowledging the diverse cultural heritage of its citizens. So, they have announced updates to the list of national holidays. So, these revisions aim to reflect the rich tapestry of Pakistan’s history and provide an opportunity for its people to celebrate and commemorate significant events and festivals. The updated list of national holidays will come into effect from [date] and will be observed across the country.

The revised national holidays in Pakistan include the following additions:
  1. Minority Day (11th August): Recognizing the importance of religious and ethnic diversity, Minority Day has been added to the national holiday calendar. This day celebrates the contributions and rights of religious and ethnic minorities in Pakistan, highlighting the country’s commitment to inclusivity, tolerance, and respect for all citizens.
  2. International Women’s Day (8th March): To promote gender equality and acknowledge the achievements of women, International Women’s Day has been included as a national holiday. This day serves as a platform to honor women’s contributions in various fields and to raise awareness about the ongoing struggle for gender parity.
  3. Earth Day (22nd April): With growing global concerns about environmental sustainability, Earth Day has been recognized as a national holiday. On this day, Pakistanis will come together to appreciate the planet’s natural beauty and focus on initiatives that promote ecological conservation, climate action, and environmental stewardship.
  4. Kashmir Solidarity Day (5th February): To express solidarity with the people of Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan has designated February 5th as Kashmir Solidarity Day. This national holiday aims to raise awareness about the ongoing struggle for self-determination and the rights of the Kashmiri people.

Existing National Holidays:

The existing national holidays, such as Pakistan Day (23rd March), Independence Day (14th August), and Quaid-e-Azam Day (25th December), will continue to be observed with great enthusiasm and patriotic fervor.

However, the inclusion of these new national holidays reflects Pakistan’s commitment to recognizing and celebrating the diversity of its population. These additions provide an opportunity for citizens to come together, irrespective of their backgrounds, and collectively honor the values and principles that make Pakistan a vibrant and pluralistic nation.

So, the Government of Pakistan encourages all citizens, public and private institutions. Similarly, community organizations observe these national holidays with enthusiasm and participate in activities that promote unity, harmony, and national pride. Therefore, these holidays not only allow for commemoration. But also serve as an occasion for reflection, dialogue, and the strengthening of bonds within Pakistani society.

For more information and a complete list of national holidays, please visit the official website of [ilmilog].

About [Your Organization]: [Your Organization] is a leading institution committed to promoting social cohesion, cultural diversity, and national unity in Pakistan. Through our various initiatives and programs, we strive to foster an inclusive society that respects and values the rights and contributions of all its citizens.

Note: This is a fictional press release and does not reflect actual updates to the national holiday calendar in Pakistan.

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