Public Holidays 2019 Have A Happy Holidays Pakistan

CIRCULAR F.NO.6/1/2019-Public dated Islamabad 7th January 2019 regarding public holidays 2019 Have a happy holiday by Government of Pakistan Ministry of Interior.

As per previous practice, in continuation with Metrological Department, Karachi for expected dates of appurtenance of the moon during the year and the Ministry of Minorities for dates for festivals of minorities, following Public and Optional holidays for the calendar year 2019 have been prepared.

PUBLIC HOLIDAYS are shown below as Sr. No. Name of Occasion Days Dates during the Year 2019 as follows,

1. Kashmir Day Tuesday 5th Feb 2019
2. Pakistan Day Saturday 23rd March 2019
3. Labor Day Wednesday 01st May 2019
4 Eld-ul-Fitr Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 05″, 06″, 07″ June 2019
5 Eld-ul-Azha Monday, Tuesday. Wednesday 12″.13″, 14″ August 2019
6. Independence Day Wednesday 14″ August 2019
7. Ashura (9th & 10th Muharrum 1440 A.H) Monday, Tuesday 09th, 10th September 2019
8 Eid Milad-un-Nabi (12 Rabl-ul-Awal 1440 AH) Sunday 10th November 2019
9. Quaid-Azam Day Wednesday 25th December 2019
The following will be Bank holidays, however, on these days the Bank will remain dosed for the public but NOT for their employees:-
I. 01st January 2019 (Tuesday) II. 06th May 2019 (Monday) corresponding to 01st Ramzan. III. 01st July 2019 (Monday)
NOTE Holidays for Muslim Festivals are subject to the appearance of the moon for which separate Notification will be issued.

Holidays 2019 Have A Happy Holidays by Ministry of Interior Pakistan

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