Contract Extension of Government Education Jobs 2012


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Contract Extension of Government Education Jobs under Recruitment Policy 2012
The government has issued a Letter No SO (SE-III) 5-93/2017 Dated Lahore the 05 March 2019. So, it is regarding contract extension of government education jobs under recruitment policy 2012. A government of the Punjab school education department has issued.
However, the education department has submitted a letter above about govt jobs in 2012. So, these educator jobs in a department of education have availed in the year 2012. Therefore, a job in the department of education is very secure these days and valuable. Similarly, the school education department Punjab has sent this letter to the district higher authority for further necessary action.

Contract Extension of Government Education Jobs 2012

However, submitted to District Education Authorities, Chief Executive Officers, in Punjab.
CONTRACT EXTENSION OF EDUCATORS who are LACKING in QUALIFICATION (PROFESSIONAL) such as B.ED) as per the 2012 Policy of Recruitment.
It is directed & refers to a subject above
2. This Department vide letter No SO(SE-III) 5-93/2017 dated 03.09 2018 issued directions. So, the Educators who have recruited under Recruitment Policy, 2012. It did not acquire the professional qualification of B.Ed. even after a contractual period of five years. So, they may be sent packing with immediate effect under intimation to this department.
3 The Honorable Court has directed to furnish data of any such Educator who has granted extension in a contract in violation of an above-said letter
1 PS to Additional Secretary (Schools). 2. PS to Additional Secretary (DEA) School Education. 3 PA to Deputy Secretary (EE)
Contract Extension of Government


Contract Extension of Government Education Jobs under Recruitment Policy 2012

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