Not All 99 Names Of Allah Only Two Names before going to Bed

Not All 99 Names Of Allah Only Two Names before going to Bed

Today, we have a special process of important and immortalize that a person who has given me the good news and the virtues, if I strictly advise him to admonish him, give it, but do not tell anybody, I have thought so many times, but every person is more than himself. Obviously, the readers of the Islam magazine network are really qualified. Perhaps my life experience is not a person who has done this and does not get amazing experiences that everybody wants to pass on the day of life. Please click the video link below for more details and do not forget to write our page Thanks

Not All 99 Names Of Allah Only Two Names before going to Bed

If anybody has any problems with anyone then he should first pay two Rakat al-fit in front of his pure guardian in isolation. Then you will cry in front of your Lord and ask for forgiveness for your sins.
It is important for a Muslim to keep believing in good and bad destiny, keeping in mind human life. Allah Almighty has given many exams to him in the world of human testing, as well as the way to examine these tests. Allah has guided his servants to illness or any other problem.

Seek’ or ‘Mujibib or Waha

Hadeeth Sharif comes in that the world has not spread any disease which has not been treated with it, except healing of every disease of the disease is given.
Our daily routine is a part of the routine. The economic problems are actually the reason for the slave to try the slave from Allah, so that every state of God should be thankful for giving thanks, and thank both the good and the evil, by giving thanks to the Lord.
Congratulations to you all these Allah Almighty 99 greetings, every greeting is a different effect on yourself. The tasks are helpful in spiritual matters because they are also caused by the ridicule of worldly problems.
After coming out of the house and business life, after praying for the first time, with the first and last Duda-e-Sharif, three hundred or three times, ‘Seek’ or ‘Mujibib or Wahab’ and afterward, glorify Allah with sincerity and humility. Praise be to Allah for the distress and distress, in order that your prayer will remain popular for Allah.


Note: Do not pray only for scholarship mean wazifa like that, but make five habit worship prayers five times a day. It is blessed by Hazrat Ali that when I wish to talk to my Lord, I go for prayers, and when I wish my Lord communicates with me, I always offer prayers.
Not All 99 Names Of Allah Only Two Names before going to Bed

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