Update SIS App from Google Play Store and Correct Teachers Data

The letter is about update SIS App from Google Play Store and Correct Punjab Teachers Data.

This is a letter No. DD (M)/SIS/2018.  The Punjab government School Education Department has issued it on 18-04-2019.
This letter has sent to Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), (DEA) District Education Authorities, in Punjab

Update SIS App from Google Play Store:

All school heads will update SIS App data. They have completed the correct data of teachers all the time in the School Information System (SIS). It has observed that some schools still have not reported. They will complete the data of teachers soon. In other words, the school head will correct and complete data of all teachers. Schools will provide correct data soon. In other words, there are many options for 48 hours. It starts from 18-04-2019 in the latest SIS application version 4 4 5.  You will download from Google Play-store.

How to update SIS App:

The Heads will add teachers’data. If these are not registered in the SIS App yet.

A School head will correct spellings of names of teachers

The head of schools corrects the personal number of teachers.

A School will collect information about the CNIC number and DOB of teachers that are not yet verified by NADRA.

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3. However, all schools Heads and Officers will require data in time. The heads will make sure that all schools correct their data within the given time. The administration will lock any corrections after this time. They will consider the data on the teacher’s final.
4. Above all, you are, therefore, requested to pass on necessary directions. All concerned will update and correct data soon. Therefore, there is the information available in the School Information System.  So, It will ensure its verification of the supervisory staff within the time limit.
Update SIS App from Google Play Store and Correct Punjab Teachers Data
Lastly, The ILMILOG team will assist you. Please comment below and ask something now.

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