Latest Update E-Transfer System 2019 Extension Up to 03-06-2019

 Letter No. DD (M)/e-Transfer /2019 regarding the latest update of E-Transfer System 2019 extension by the government of the Punjab school education department (monitoring wing) dated Lahore the 22 May 2019.



2. The Competent Authority keeping in view of the demand of teachers regarding correction/addition of their data into SIS has decided to allow public schools to do another round of data corrections that would enable several more teachers to take advantage of the E-transfer system
3. In this regard, data editing by school heads will start at 3:00 pm on Thursday (23-05.2019) and will continue till 3:00 pm Monday (27-05-2019). Afterward, the E-Transfer system will start accepting new applications from 3:00 pm Monday (27-05-2019), however. E-Transfer applications already submitted will not be affected. The applicants who have already submitted applications will have an option to apply afresh.
4. All Supervisory staff i.e. DEO (SE). DEOs (EE-WW), Dy. DEOs (M/W) shall ensure correction/ update of data into SIS in schools under their jurisdiction.
Moreover, the CEO (DEA) concerned shall supervise the correction of the process through supervisory staff and heads of schools and no laxity shall be tolerated in case of failure to update SIS data i.e. sanctioned / vacant posts and other information needs to be correct
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Last Date:
The date for submission of online applications is extended up to 03-06-2019.
Latest Update of E-Transfer System 2019 Extension Up to 03-06-2019


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