Dengue Fever 15-Days Plan of Eradication through SED

The following plan of action is hereby devised under directions from the Deputy Commissioner Chakwal for making concerted and highly vigorous efforts for eradication of dengue through launching a massive awareness campaign and practical efforts to fight against this menace and make Chakwal a dengue fever-free district.

Dengue Fever 15-Days Plan of Eradication through SED

1. Visit the teachers, headteachers of the masjid of respective areas, and create awareness among the masses. During Juma’s sermons regarding the perils of dengue fever. So, it will suggest necessary palliative measures.

Observance of cleanliness:

2. Observance of cleanliness day in all government and private schools across the district on 28th September 2019. So, the Assistant Education officers, Dy District Education Officers, District Education Officers. Pictorial Evidence immediately to be shared.
3. Conduct of declamation contests/ quiz at zonal level In all the boys and girls both public and private schools in the district on 30th September 2019 by Dy DEO in case of Primary and Elementary Schools to arrange activity at a lower level whereas zonal heads to conduct the same in the high/higher secondary schools male and female.

Awareness walk:

4. All schools located in an urban and rural area will hold a dengue fever awareness walk and sensitize the children as well as the general public about the perils of dengue fever on 1st October 2019 by AE0s and head of the institution concerned with pictorial evidence immediately to be shared.

Conduct of Seminar

5. Conduct of Seminar through inviting experts from health Department of Sanitation and medical Practitioners and ensuring large male participation of the parents and the general public. The venue would be the high school of respective union council on 2nd October 2019 by AEOs (M & F) and HM/ Principal of the boy’s school concerned.

School Council meetings:

6. In addition, the School Council meetings every head of the school will call the meeting of school council members. So it will seek their support in launching a dengue fever awareness campaign among parents for strict observance of precautionary measures in the streets and the homes. Therefore, a Written report concerning the activities to be furnished.

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Social Service day:

7. However, the Head Teachers will prepare pamphlets <ordaining basic information about dengue fever virus. So, its causes and treatment and will distribute the same among people on the bus stands and the bazaars by sending Science Teachers. During break time who will impart guidance to the people in October 2019 by Head Teachers of all schools.
Dengue Fever 15 Days Plan of Eradication
Dengue Fever 15 Days Plan of Eradication

Inspection Day:

8. Inspection Day: Schools Impactions: AE0s. Dy DEO, DEOs will pay surprise visits to schools in their jurisdiction to check whether students are wearing full dress and storage of Junks, stagnant water, etc.
9. Similarly, Surveillance for detection of dengue fever larvae In the schools on 7 October 2019 by Head Teachers through deputing Science teachers.

Science exhibition:

10. Science exhibition at tehsil headquarters high school (Male and Female) with the compulsory participation of all elementary and secondary schools with the theme of homemade mosquito traps on 8th October 2019 by Head Teachers. Biology/ Science teachers of the schools for dengue fever.
11. Essay writing competitions at zone level all male and female schools with the theme of “Dengue fever is our challenge” on 9th October 2019 by Zonal Heads and the Dy. DEOs (M&F).
Dengue Fever 15 Days Plan of Eradication
Dengue Fever 15 Days Plan of Eradication


Dengue Fever 15 Days Plan of Eradication through School Education Department


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