Fresh Appointed Employee Salary Chart 2019-20 Employees of Pakistan

Fresh Appointed Employee Salary Chart 2019-20 for all Govt. Employees of Pakistan are being shared here on this website. All you know that salary has increased on 01-07-2019 in all provinces of Pakistan and in the federal area for the employees.

Basic Pay & Allowances: All the basic pay scales from BS-01 to Bs-22, there is the salary which is a sum of basic pay and allowances. It is a full benefit for all employees of Pakistan. Common allowances in this regard are as follows instead of basic pay.

  1. HR (House Rent) Allowance
  2. Teaching (only for teachers) Allowance
  3. Conveyance Allowance
  4. Integrated Allowance
  5. Qualification Allowance
  6. Computer Allowance for IT teachers
  7. Adhoc Relief Allowances
These are all common allowances discussed above other than that there are different other allowances like,
  1. Special pay Allowance
  2. Special judicial allowance for the judiciary
  3. Accounts and Audit Allowance
  4. Hill Allowance
  5. Hard Area Allowance
  6. Entertainment Allowance
  7. Charge Allowance

Adhoc Relief Allowances: 

Adhoc Relief Allowances have included every year in the month of July. Some of these Adhoc Relief Allowances have merged by the government due to revise of the salary chart. Adhoc Relief Allowances of the year 2013 is being delivered in the salary of KPK and Sindh employees nowadays but for Punjab, Balochistan, and federal employees it is being merged in the salary.
Similarly, Adhoc Relief Allowance 2015 was different in the different provinces of Pakistan. Some provinces have increased up to 7.5% and some up to 10% as per this allowance.

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However, House Rent Allowance and hiring allowance is also is a part of employee salary in all areas of Pakistan. House rent allowance is about 30% of the basic pay of the employees has given to them. It is interesting to know that there is a reasonable salary for the employees of Pakistan has increased by the PPP government in the last ten years or so.

It was a demand for all employees of Pakistan that an increase in the salary should be 50% like the PPP government has increased before but no government other than PPP has increased the salary of employees up to 50%. So, the employees are hoping now that the government of PTI will do well after the crisis. It has said the government in front of employees who were protesting against low salaries and high expenses.

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