E-Transfer System 2019 and Amendment in The Transfer Policy

E-Transfer System and Amendment in The Transfer Policy 2013 SED Lahore has started. The Amendment in the transfer policy 2013 has issued on 11th September 2019. the government of the Punjab school education department has updated it.
1.   The director instruction (SE/EE), Punjab, Lahore
2.   All the Deputy Commissioners /Administration District Education Authorities in Punjab.
3.   All chief Executive officers, District Education Authorities in Punjab.

Subject:              AMENDMENT IN TRANSFER POLICY, 2013

            In continuation of this department’s letter No, SO (SE-4)2-34/2009(TR) dated 27-07-2013 on the subject cited above.
2.         The competent authority has been pleased to approve the following amendments in Transfer Policy, 2013.
      i.          Ban will remain relaxed on transfers /posting from 1st June to 31st July every year.

    ii.          Online Applications

.    Transfer/Posting in the school education Department will only be made through online application during lifting of the ban on transfer/posting .moreover, transfer/posting against categories of windows, divorced, wedlock, disabled and mutual which are exempted from the ban will also be made online transfer & posting during this year.
b.   Teachers & educators will apply online for transfer & posting through their login password on E-Transfer System. In this regard, they will also attach relevant documents with their online application. The concerned Transferring Authority will get verification of the documents from the concerned issuing authority.
c.    Tentative ranking lists, objections, and final ranking lists will be displayed on the E-Transfer portal.
d.   Teachers/educators can raise objections against his /her own ranking or other teachers/Educators’ ranking.
e.    Teachers/Educators will reply to the objections at the E-Transfer portal and will also attach documentary proof either their reply.
f.     E-Transfer system will generate QR coded orders of successful candidates.

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  iii.          Criteria for Transfer/posting of teachers

Academic Result
40 marks
                 May be deleted
                 50 marks
      i.          Distance          20marks
    ii.          Stay                  30marks
 Note:  distance will be countered from school i.e. the school from which transfer is requested to the school in which a transfer is required.
10 marks
                          20 marks
  Wedlock basis
15 marks
                          15 marks
Note: these marks will be admissible within the District.
15 marks
  iv.          Criteria for transfer /posting of Administrative officers
Academic Qualification
40 marks
Academic Qualification
15 marks
15 marks
Administrative                                          experience
10 marks
20 marks
10 marks
10 marks
40 marks
40 marks
    v.          Computer teacher may be allowed to transfer against the vacant post of computer teachers subject to the following conditions:
a.    A computer lab is available in the requested school.
b.   Minimum 60 students are enrolled in the 9th and 10th in the requested school.
  vi.          The minimum tenure in a school for all categories of teachers/educators/ headteachers /subject specialists will be one year.
vii.          Married female teachers may bellow one-time dispensation for transfer during ban against vacancy without imposing condition of tenure.
viii.          A teacher who has less than one year of services before superannuation cannot apply for mutual transfer.
  ix.           Female & male teachers under wedlock policy may be allowed postings transfers with the ban at places of the spouse without imposing the condition tenure at their places of postings subject to document verification.

    x.          Educators may be transferred against equivalent regular post i.e. ESE (arts) against the post of PST (arts).

E-Transfer System 2019 and transfer policy
E-Transfer System 2019 and transfer policy
E-Transfer System 2019 and Amendment in The Transfer Policy 2013 SED Lahore


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