Google Maps Audio Translation Feature for Android & IOS

Google Maps Audio Translation Feature
Google Maps Audio Translation Feature
Google is introducing a new google map audio translation feature in Google Maps. This feature will be very useful for users traveling to other countries. With this feature, Google Maps will read aloud the names and addresses of places written in other languages. Visitors will be able to get to know a place better.
After this feature, when travelers travel to other countries, they will also see a small speaker icon with the names of famous places.
Tapping on it will read the application’s name. In order to get this feature, users first have to update their application. Since this feature is being rolled out slowly, it can take up to a month for all users to get updated.
This feature will only read names written in languages ​​that are written in a different language than the one set on your mobile.
By the way, Google Maps knows what translation to provide to users, but the Google Translate app will open for additional translation. But it will also require users to install the Google Translate app.

This feature will support 50 languages. It will be available for both Android and iOS operating systems.

Google Maps Audio Translation Feature for Android & IOS

Other Products of Google:
Google Assistant:
Google Assistant also provides search results from voice commands. For this, Google records your voice, analyzes it, and then returns results. Holds Voice command data can also be deleted, like deleting text history.
You can see the procedure for deleting text search history by clicking there.
To delete voice commands, click on the Desktop to go to Activation Control.

Google RCS in America:

Today, Google has introduced RCS to all Android users in the US. RCS (Rich Communication Services) is a successor to the ancient SMS and MMS protocols. Users in RCS will be able to use all the features used in i-Messages or WhatsApp.
Google began working on this protocol in 2016.
Google is offering it in collaboration with mobile operators around the world, but it has been delayed due to the cheapness of mobile operators.
In RCS, users will be able to chat over Wi-Fi as well as send high-resolution pictures and files. It will also have all the features of group chat. RCS has enabled opening the app in Android messages. Users must have a phone number to use CS. Users will also be able to use it on the web.
One of the major drawbacks of RCS is the lack of end-to-end encryption. It has expected that over time and the encryption feature will be added over time.
Here you can also stop recording by clicking on the toggle.
However, Google will warn you if it does not recognize your “Ok Google” command and will not show your personal results at all.
Click Manage Activity to delete the voice commands. On the next page, you will see a timeline on all your voice command history and scrolling. Here you can also delete voice comments individually.
If you want to delete voice commands more than once, click on delete activity on the left side of the page.


You can also delete voice commands during a specific period on the Daily Activities page.

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