Time Scale Promotion 2019 Clarification Finance Department Punjab

Time Scale Promotion 2019 Clarification Finance Department Punjab for SED

The government of the Punjab finance department has written a letter NO.FD.PC.40-12/2017(1169/19) to the Section Officer (Promotion-I). Government of the Punjab, School Education Department on 27-11-2019.
The Subject of this letter is guidance or advice Request Regarding TIME SCALE 2019 Promotion to HIGHER SCALES.
The Section Officer (Promotion) School Education Department Punjab letter No. SO(P-I) SED/6-7/2019 dated 18-10-2019 on the subject noted above,
2 The Department of Finance has examined the observations raised and answered these queries below,

Time Scale Promotion 2019:

Q: Whether an applicant retired between intervening periods from 01-02-2019 to the dale of the Finance Department. The clarification 28-07-2019 is eligible and entitled to the grant of Time Scale or not?
Answer: The incumbents who retired on/after 01-02-2019 entitled to grant of Time Scale for promotion.
Q: Whether the applicants’ vino is paying their services on deputation in the different organizations (Federal or Provincial) before or after the cut dale of 01 02 2019, are eligible and entitled to the grant of Time Scale for Promotion or not? By their parent department (SED).
Answer: That the incumbent on deputation be entitled to Time Scale Promotion after his return in the Parent department but the date of effectiveness of the Time Sale Promotion will be the date of entitlement’ because Time scale promotion is not a promotion but rather it is an up-gradation), which follows DPC or PSB meeting and joining for the actualization of promotion.
Q: Whether the applicants against whom FIRs are registered with pending decisions are entitled to the Grantor the Time-Scale for Promotion or not?
Answer: Finance Debasement’s Notification No FD-PC 4012/2017, dated 19.04 2019, imposes the condition of possessing a good and satisfactory service record. A general clarification has issued separately in this regard.
Q: Whether the SSTs (Regular BS-16) who already availed BS-17 & BS-18 through upward mobility (C.M Package) are eligible or entitled for the Time-Scale for Promotion to the next higher scale of BS-18 & BS-19, respectively or not? 
Answer: Same as above.

Selection Grade Promotion:

Q: If an incumbent has granted selection grade move over or regular promotion in the higher scale of BS-17. For example. a. Supposed designated as Superintendent (BS-17.), and after then, he/she has promoted as EAD (BS-17) on a regular basis. While earning premature increments each time In this way he/she has remained on the same scale even after availing three times promotion to BS-17.
b. In such type of cases, whether the length of service for the grant of the Time-Scale for Promotion has counted from the date of first promotion in BS-17 on the basis of selection grade/move over or from regular promotion as Assistant Director (BS-17)?  
Answer: Attention of AD may be drawn towards FD’s Notification No. FD PC.40-80/2015(115/19), dated 03.09 2019 which provides that the length of service on the same for promotion on the Scale. So, it has counted from the first date of promotion or up-gradation or regular appointment. (-whichever is later-) for the post held by the concerned incumbent.
Dated Lahore on the 27th of November. 2019


Time Scale Promotion 2019 Clarification
Time Scale for Promotion 2019 Clarification


Time Scale Promotion 2019 Clarification
Time Scale for Promotion 2019 Clarification

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