Google Search Tips & Tricks 2020 for all Users on the Internet

Google Search Tips & Tricks 2020 for all Users on the Internet

Google Search Tips & Tricks 2020
Google Search Tips & Tricks 2020
If you want to avoid harm, stop searching on Google
All Internet users rely on Google to find answers to their problems and questions. So, they have contacted Google for everything from food to online banking and pharmaceutical purchases.
However, most of them forget that Google search is just a platform. Where websites come up with keywords and Google has no authority over those websites.

Google Search Tips & Tricks 2020:

So, when you search the internet. it is not important that you get the best. Therefore, the most accurate results from your Google search.
However, here are some things that should not be searched on the Internet.

Google Search Banking Websites:

The bank has directly related to our deposits and money transfers. However, there are hundreds of fake banking websites on the internet that can cheat you.
In addition, It has recommended that you never google search the banking website. With the help of Google search or any search engine on the Internet. Especially unless you know the exact URL of this website.
Always visit your bank using the URL you provide so that it is safe from any fraud or fraud.
If you try to log in by entering your login details and password on a website similar to your bank’s website, the risk of password and ID being hacked is high.

Finding Customer Care Numbers of Companies:

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 The most popular fraud on Google search is to find customer care numbers for well-known companies because consumers easily believe the company’s real numbers. Fraudsters create websites with the names of leading companies on the Internet and put their corresponding numbers on their customer care numbers. Customers trust them when they call here, and they provide their information to fraud numbers, which help the suspects make financial losses to such customers.

The download of app and software:

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Finding the right and virus-free app on the Internet is not a difficult task, but surprisingly, these apps are easily found with the help of Google search. The important thing to note here though is that these apps often involve coding for viruses or your data theft. Therefore, it is imperative that users with an Android phone download the Google Play Store while users using the iPhone download the desired apps from the App Store.

Diagnosis of medicines and diseases in Google Search tips:

The disease is a natural process and seeking medical help to get rid of it is wise. The thing to keep in mind here is that Google search or any other search engine like it is not meant to diagnose drugs and diseases. Consumers are advised not to leave contact with their physician to diagnose their illness on Google, while also not buying information based solely on information from Google.
China Mobiles Security:
In China, it is mandatory for consumers to have their face recognition or ‘fee scanning’ before purchasing a mobile phone.
In this regard, instructions have been issued to all telecom operators in the country which now require registration of the user’s real name before issuing each new telephone number. The operators have also been instructed not to issue a new telephone number or mobile set to any user whose fee is not scanning or face recognition. Telecommunication operators will have to scan the face of users while registering new mobile users. According to the authority, the movie is being taken to further tighten control of Beijing’s cyberspace.


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