Notification BF Benevolent Fund 2020 Amendments in the Punjab Rules


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Notification BF Benevolent Fund 2020 has issued with Amendments in the Punjab Rules.

Some amendments have added to the benevolent fund recently. Different grants for the government employees have revised w.e.f May 2019.
However, Services and general administration department Punjab Government NOTIFICATION No.BF-217(Gazetted)/2017 has issued. The explanation is there as in the exercise of the powers conferred under section 7 of the Punjab Government Servants Benevolent Fund Ordinance, 1960 (XIV of 1960).
So, The Governor of Punjab is pleased to direct that in the Benevolent Part one (Disbursement) for servants of Punjab government Rules, 1965. The following further amendments shall be made:

BF Benevolent Fund 2020 Amendments:

In addition, some new amendments in BF have given below,
In the Benevolent Fund BF Part one (Disbursement) for employees of Punjab Rules, 1965, in rule 3:


(1) In clause (a), under the heading “MARRIAGE GRANT”, for the figures “40,000” and “50,000” wherever occur, the figures “150,000” shall be substituted.


(2) In clause (b), under the heading “FUNERAL GRANT” for the figures “20,000” wherever occur, the figures “50,000” shall be substituted. For clause (c), the following shall be substituted:


Similarly, (3) (i) (ii) Primary to Secondary School Certificate or Rs.20,000/-P.An equivalent level; Higher Secondary School Certificate Rs.50,000/- P.A including Diploma, Bachelors, Masters, or equivalent level.
Note: The educational scholarship shall not be admissible beyond Sixteen Years of education and to those receiving stipend or internship fee.
Provided that: (i) In case of a retired or in-service Government servant:
(a) However, the grant may be admissible to not more than two children of a Government servant. So, If they have passed all the subjects of Secondary School Certificate.
Similarly, they have passed a post-Secondary School Certificate examination from a recognized Board of Examination or University.
It is necessary to secure at least sixty percent aggregate marks. It is necessary to study in the next class in a recognized educational institution;
Studying in Recognized Institute:
(b) if one or more of the children of a Government servant are studying in a recognized educational institution. This means for special children, then not more than three children shall be eligible for the grant;
(ii) in case of a Government servant who has died or retired on grounds of invalidation or Incapacitation, the grant may be admissible to not more than three children;
(iii) the Provincial Benevolent Fund Board shall each year invite applications on the prescribed form through publication in the newspaper;
(iv) the application shall be verified by the head of the department and the head of the educational institution and accompanied by the following documents:
(a) computerized national identity card of a Government servant and/or of the student (if applicable);
Similarly, result card, detailed marks sheet, certificates, and degree pertaining to the preceding educational classes;
Therefore, the certificates of recognition of previous and current education institutions in case of the private educational institution; and
(v) an application received after the cutoff date mentioned In the advertisement, it is not verified and it is supported mentioned above by documents shall not be entertained.

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At last, we discuss monthly grant as follows,
(4) In clause (d): (a) Here ‘MONTHLY GRANT” as per given figures “5250′, “9000” and “12000′ wherever the figure occurs, “10,000’, ‘15,000” and ‘20,000’ shall be substituted respectively; (b) as per “Monthly Grant” as amended the following note shall be inserted.
In other words, The amendments in the rules shall be effective from the date of its issuance of Notification and shall be beneficial in cases.
Benevolent Fund 2020 Amendments
Benevolent Fund 2020 Amendments
Notification BF Benevolent Fund 2020 Amendmentsupdated in the Punjab Rules Pakistan.

Latest update January 2020:

The government has taken a turn in the month of January this year. So, this notification has withdrawn with immediate effect. A new notification please search in the latest news of this website.


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