Online SIS App Rationalization 2020 of Punjab Teachers

Online SIS App Rationalization 2020 of Punjab Teachers School Education
Online SIS App Rationalization 2020
Online SIS App Rationalization 2020
The government will start the rationalization of teachers in Punjab soon. As all, you know the rationalization of Punjab teachers has postponed on many occasions. So,  the government of Punjab said that now it is a time during the educational calendar.
However, now a plan is complete to shuffle and shifting of teachers from one school to the other school. Therefore, the school education department has decided to start the rationalization of Punjab teachers. Because there is not a good student-teacher ratio in the schools of Punjab.
Therefore, it has decided if there is a single science teacher in one school. If the school needs two science teachers then it will be seen that there are surplus teachers or not. shifting them in that school where needed.
It has posted earlier in different posts of this site. So teachers may see and download different past rationalization policies uploaded here.

Punjab Govt has announced Teachers Rationalization

Orders 2020 Issued on 18 August, For List of Teachers Click Here

Online SIS App Rationalization 2020:

Education minister Dr. Murad Raas said in the press conference that it is a serious matter of school education department but no one has given attention seriously to that matter.
He said that he will work on that matter and will transfer teachers through SIS App to those schools where these teachers needed. He also said that after coming of the PTI government we are trying to better in the different departments like school education.
We will online all the data of Punjab teachers and they are respected for me and for PTI.

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So, there will be online data of all teachers of Punjab and there will be no matter to go to the office. It was a serious problem for female teachers in the past.
Expected Timeline of Rationalization Policy 2020:
1.      Start of Rationalization from 31st December.
2.      Lists will be prepared till 4th January 2020 through SIS App.
3.      After that orders will be prepared through SIS App online.
4.      Objections will be observed until the end of January 2020.
5.      After different processes, 15th February will be a joining/ relieving time through the SIS app.
It is confirmed from different sources about this timeline but it may change in the future. It is a fact that the school education Department will rationalize before 1 April 2020 through sis app which is the start of the next educational year. Care yourself and be in contact with us for better news in the future.

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