School Winter Holidays 2019-2020 Ended and open tomorrow

School Winter Holidays 2019-2020 Ended and School will open tomorrow
School Winter Holidays 2019-2020
School Winter Holidays 
The school Winter holidays 2019 will not increase, So, it has reported from Karachi. Secretary Education said that holiday news has groundless. All educational institutes will reopen as per their usual routine from 1 January 2020. Giving details, a message of Secretary Education Sindh Ahsan Mangi which states that Sindh educational institutions’ winter holidays are not increasing.
However, A Secretary said that all the Sindh educational institutions will re-open tomorrow as usual in the past. So, all educational institutions of Sindh will re-open along with New Year 1 January 2020. Today is the last holiday in Sindh province.  The secretary further said that the holiday’s extension news is baseless, there is no authenticity in this news.
He said that all the news are wrong and calling them a rumor.

School Winter Holidays 2019-2020 Ended and open tomorrow

The holidays increase news has circulated for the past several days. The severe cold wave in KPK (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) has forced the authorities to increase the holidays and the authorities have also announced the holiday’s extension. Remember that there is cold weather in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The cold wave has grown to such an extent that it is not tolerable for children.
In the opinion of all these issues, the authorities have absolute that the educational institutions should be shut further. No holiday’s extension has been announced in Punjab yet, but the severe cold weather in the province, so there are chances in Punjab that authorities will also announce holiday extension soon. According to sources, the holidays are likely to be extended from 5 January to 7 January 2020 like KPK school education. Since the cold in Sindh province is less than the rest of the other provinces, therefore the Sindh government has decided not to increase the holidays and according to their new plan, all educational institutes of Sindh will re-open tomorrow after winter holidays 2019.


Punjab School Education Department:

Seeing the increase in winter holidays for Punjab’s educational institutions, the Education Department will decide on the increase in Punjab holidays by looking at the weather conditions on 5 January 2020, with the possibility of further increasing the cold in the city. According to details, it has said that winter holidays are likely to be increased for Punjab educational institutions.
In this regard, the education department of Punjab is considering it regularly. However, no decision currently made on whether to increase the holidays. It has said that the Punjab Education Department will make a decision on 5 January 2020. It will depend on the weather conditions in the province and whether to increase the holidays. On the other hand, the intensity of the record cold in Lahore city has made the situation worse for the citizens.
It is reported that Lahore had before experienced such a severe cold in the year 2002. The least temperature in Lahore city was logged at 2 degrees Celsius yesterday. Previous in December 2002, the lowest temperature dropped to 2 degrees Celsius. Though, it is said that heat is unlikely to drop in January next year. This month, the smog continued to rise as smog continued and the sun did not go out. Rain is the prediction in the first week of January, but smog will also increase after the rains and the prevailing cold will remain intact.


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