Secretary School Education meeting with Teachers Association Punjab

Secretary School Education meeting with Teachers Association Punjab Today

Secretary School Education meeting
Secretary School Education meeting
Tehreek-e-teachers have invited for a meeting in Punjab on the invitation of Secretary Education. Allah Bakhsh Qaisar, Dr. Imtiaz Ahmed Abbasi, Chaudhry Muhammad Sarfraz, Chaudhry Muhammad Safdar, Ghulam Mustafa Riaz, Najamul Hasan Najmi, and Latif Shahzad have attended this meeting.
However, Teachers participated in different districts of Punjab. Rao Ghulam Mustafa Riaz joined as a Central President of Rao Ghulam Mustafa Riaz Group. Similarly, Central General Secretary Muhammad Arshad Gul, Central Secretary Broadcasting. So, the District President Sialkot Mian Amjad Ali Sahib, Central Senior Vice President Mirza Tariq Mehmood, and Deputy General Secretary Sialkot Mian Mohammad Yousuf were present in this meeting.

Secretary School Education meeting with Teachers Association Punjab

In addition, the following different matters were being discussed with the Secretary school education Punjab.
1. A committee was constituted under the leadership of the Special Secretary to make recommendations against the decision of handing over the municipalities to the educational institutions. Therefore, under the Municipalities Act which included Ataullah Gujar Waheed Murad Yousaf and Rana Liaqat. So, I will provide recommendations for the future.
2. Besides, a Committee on Pay Protection of Educators, comprising Chaudhry Safdar Imtiaz Abbasi and Rana Liaqat will submit the report by 10 January 2020.
3. Similarly, The committee formed regarding the regularization of SSE to address the legal complications for department and teachers like Chaudhry Safdar Ullah Rakhi Gujar and Rana Liaqat. Imtiaz Abbasi will submit their recommendation to the time scale.
4. Therefore, the Concession Allowance deductions will Issue the General Notice of the English Teachers. Similarly, Encroachment of Deprived Teachers during the Insurance, Upgradation. The Najamul Hassan Najmi will present his recommendation for the implementation of service rules.
5. Rationalization has postponed by the end of the academic session and the committee will give recommendations for the rationalization to put forward.
6. Muhammad Arshad Gul will present all his recommendations to the committee. The scales 16 for PSTs, ESTs, and scale 17 to SSTs in the school education department Punjab.
7- So, Waseem Akhtar Kamboha (President of the organization) will make recommendations. There are Grade 11 to be given to the lab attendant LA in the schools of Punjab.
At last, Secretary Education has assured in this meeting to resolve all issues discussed. He called for holding meetings to discuss all issues in the future.


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