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Aetna Better Health of Florida ~ Florida Health Insurance

Aetna Better Health of Florida 2020 Florida Health Insurance
Since you’re shopping for Florida Health Insurance Plans. You have come to the right site! We offer a KISS (Keep It Simple Silly) guide.  So, it compares the best combination of rates and benefits from Florida Health Insurance Companies!

Aetna Better Health:

Florida Individual and Family Health Insurance

In Florida, you can still find individual health insurance plans that provide both quality coverage and an affordable rate. However, it’s not easy, in many areas such as Miami -Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. Florida Family Health Insurance Plans are more expensive in these areas than in cities such as Tampa or Fort Myers. In Florida, health insurance carriers offer coverage to individuals and families and groups.

Individual health insurance in Florida is underwritten. This means that the coverage offered at the day is completely based on your health history. While every company has similar guidelines, you will find each carrier has her niche and sweet spots.
Any individual Florida health insurance policy that you purchase is sold on a month-to-month basis. Naturally, you can keep any insurance policy like Aetna Better Health of Florida as long as you pay your premium. This is what many people recur to as the major medical or long-term health insurance policy.

Then we have what is called Florida’s short term health insurance. It’s simply a health insurance policy. That is sold on a temporary basis. This is a great product for recent college graduates and those looking for instant coverage. Florida temporary health insurance plans have about 24 hour turnaround time and you can even print your cards off online.

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Florida Group Health Insurance:

If you are a Florida self-employed business owner or need Florida health insurance benefits for your small or large business then pay attention to this next section. We are going to make the Florida group health insurance market extremely simple.

One of the greatest benefits of providing health care benefits to your employees is that you can write off those premiums 100%. Even as a self-employed 1099s independent contractor you can still write off 100% of your health insurance premiums and if you have a health insurance policy that is HSA eligible then you can even write off your medical expenses! Florida Medicaid.

The Florida Medicaid system is a type of Florida government health insurance plan that provides low-income families and those with serious illnesses access to quality healthcare services. One of the more popular Medicaid programs in Florida healthy kids.

Aetna Better Health children under age 19:

This is a Florida health insurance plan for children that is run the state of Florida. It provides comprehensive health benefits for Florida children under age 19 and provides parents with health care for their children at extremely low rates.

In fact, right now the only way to get an individual plan for a kid under 19 in Florida is to either purchase a short-term medical policy or apply for Florida Healthy Kids if a child cannot apply for a family health insurance plan with his or her parents. ObamaCare health care reform has made all children under age 19 guaranteed issues. It declined due to health history.
So all major Florida health insurance carriers do not offer individual policies to children under age 19. If these are without a parent applying with them. Pre-existing condition insurance plan Florida state health insurance thanks to ObamaCare Florida residents can now get a guaranteed issue health insurance policy that will cover their pre-existing conditions from day one at a semi-affordable rate. There are a few eligibility requirements

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Florida Health Insurance Companies:

Florida is home to some major health insurance competition. Blue Cross Blue Shield, UnitedHealthOne, HumanaOne, CIGNA, and Aetna –all offer individual and group health insurance plans to Florida residents year-round. You will find that every Florida health insurance carrier has its own strengths and weaknesses and niche markets.

For example, Blue Cross of Florida usually offers the lowest rates on HSA eligible plans and hospital surgical plans. Therefore, they also have the most comprehensive copay plans that cover lab, x-rays, and MRIs at a flat co-pay with their individual health insurance co-pay plans.


UnitedHealthOne Has the decreasing deductible credit. This is where every year that you don’t meet your deductible. It goes down 20% the following year until you’re at 50% of your original deductible.

If you went with their $10,000 deductible to take advantage of the super low rates. If you didn’t need that $10,000 deductible your first year. The second-year your deductible would only be $8000. UnitedHealthOne is currently the only company that offers this benefit.


HumanaOne This Florida health insurance carrier has a couple of neat benefits that they offer. This is“4th quarter deductible carryover credit”. The way this works is that this is an optional benefit that added to any Humana individual health insurance plan. Others are except for HSA eligible plans.

If you at this benefit. You have any covered medical expenses. That is subject to your deductible during the last quarter of the year (October 1 to December 31). It will be credited towards the next year’s deductible.
This is really nice for Florida residents who like to shop for new individuals. Florida health insurance plans every fourth-quarter. Most, Florida health insurance plans you see use a  calendar year deductible. Some folks are reticent about switching during the last quarter especially the closed meeting their deductible for the year.

This great benefit from Humana makes it easy for clients to save money on health insurance premiums. That lowers their out-of-pocket costs for the next year.


However, CIGNA Offers quality plans at a fair rate with realistic underwriting. While their plan design isn’t anything unique. They don’t have any optional benefits. except for a new dental insurance plan available in Florida. So, they are a good option especially if a client takes medications for anything at all.

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Therefore, Aetna Well what can offer different plans. Nothing much really, they can’t really compete with United, Humana, Cigna or Blue Cross.
Lastly, Aetna doesn’t offer anything you can get a better price. It gives potentially better quality benefits from a Blue Cross or Humana plan. Considering they recently pulled out of a couple of states. Indiana and Colorado you might want to consider long and hard before entrusting. Aetna to cover any potential future medical expenses you might incur.


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