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HRMS Human Resources SIS App Data 2020 Edit Service Record

HRMS Human Resources SIS App Data 2020 Edit Service Record in seder Punjab gov pk. The human resources data of teachers in Punjab Pakistan is online now. All teachers may check and edit their service records. So, an SIS Android App has been created for teachers in Punjab. Now, the education department of Punjab has allowed teachers to edit HRMS data online


How to Edit Services record on HRMS seder Punjab Gov Pk

Teachers in Punjab try to log in through username and password. After that follow these steps,

  1. When a teacher logs in. A URL will show Here 311111 is the ID of a teacher. This is a wrong id. So, please edit it in the address bar of the browser. And enter your ID after replacing it. Like, this URL id has changed from 311111 to 521345.
  2. Now a teacher will edit this URL. He will change the words ‘profile officer’ to the ‘services officer list’ as shown below.
It is a try to open the services tab to edit. It will not show highlighted before.

  1. Now it will open. After opening, a teacher will edit his services for 2019. For this, He will click on the Show Details button. The option of edit & delete will show here. He will click on the edit button. But it will not be edited this time. There will be an error. Therefore, edit the web address again in the browser.

How to remove Error Message:
The given above address will have “services edit” words. Now a teacher must capitalize on one alphabet. For example, “servicesEdit” will change to “ServicesEdit”. Here you can see that alphabet s is now capitalized like S. The new URL will change to

  1. Now a teacher will edit the services as needed. After editing he will save. But it will make an error there. To remove this error, he will change the web address again. The address will be edited.

The words “servicesOfficerList” are there. Please capitalize on one alphabet as done before. Like,
Service will save easily this time.

  1. For adding a new service query, he will click on the add button. The following address will show as Similarly, capitalize on one alphabet for further process. Then it will add a new service this time without error.

SEDHR Punjab Gov Pk Record Management:

HRMS Human Resources SIS App:

This will highlight and open the add option. But he will save after adding. It will open an error message there. So he will edit the web address this time again.
As it is written above to capitalize on one alphabet. It is necessary to capitalize on an alphabet for future processes.
At last, the service she Punjab has added and opened in HRMS data in the future.
HRMS Human Resources SIS App Data 2020 Edit Service Record

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