Corona Virus & Holiday Season

Corona Virus & Holiday Season 2020 Closure of All Educational Institutes

Corona Virus & Holiday Season 2020 Closure of All Educational Institutes

Federal Ministers have announced holidays in a press conference. This press conference has held on 26-03-2020.

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The government of Pakistan is in a difficult situation. The government was suffering as before due to an economic crisis. Now, there is difficulty to survive in coronavirus. The Federal education minister has decided to close all educational institutes till 31st May 2020.

Corona Virus & Holiday Season 2020:

Tomorrow holiday season 2020 is the name of these holidays. Due to coronavirus, the government has closed educational institutes first till 5th April. The ministry announces holidays of three weeks. But, these holidays have extended up to 31st May 2020.

KPK Education Ministry:

KPK education ministry has announced holidays first till 31st March. After that, the KPK government has extended these holidays up to 5 April. However, the government has announced the closure of all educational institutes.

Punjab Education Ministry:

Punjab education ministry will follow the instructions of federal SOPs. Therefore, the Punjab government will observe holidays as per this press conference. Stay Homestay safe

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Balochistan education ministry:

The province Balochistan government has decided to extend the holidays till 31st May 2020.

Sindh Education Ministry:

Firstly, The Sindh government announces holidays until June. Coronavirus has spread in the province of Sindh. So, the Sindh government is taking serious measures against this virus.

Closure of Institutes due to Corona Virus & Holiday Season:

All Madrassas, colleges, schools, and universities have closed due to corona disease. The Pakistan government is serious to take measures against the pandemic virus. Therefore, it is decided to close all educational institutes in the country.

The patients are increasing day by day in Pakistan. So, there is a big economic crisis all over the world. Therefore, it affects my country Pakistan.

It is necessary to use hand sanitizer and wash hands for 20 seconds.  Keep active measures to control the coronavirus.

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