HBL debit card Fraud 2020

HBL Debit Card Fraud 2020 in Pakistan New ATM Card Fraud 

HBL debit card Fraud 2020 in Pakistan New ATM Card Fraud 

HBL Debit Card Fraud 2020:

Now HBL debit card Fraud 2020 in Pakistan is a routine matter. There is New ATM Card Fraud with Pakistanis. A message is being posted in the following written format. 

Dear customer! Your HBL ATM card has been blocked due to card verification issues. For card, activation fills the online form now. Visit URL (this URL will be a free blog like Weebly, Blogspot, etc.) 

The sender number is +923187516026

HBL Debit Card Fraud ATM Credentials:

Do not share your atm credentials with others. It is my duty to be aware of such frauds. When you will visit these free blogs. Then you will try to enter your ATM credentials. It will be your big mistake. 

ATM Card Fraud Urdu Detail Here

Please try to check your Bank. Firstly contact bank officials to confirm. Do not try to enter such type of information on any URL. 

It is a new ATM fraud in Pakistan. You know Pakistanis apply new fraud every time. They try to loot some people. All those people do not feel guilt on the matter. 

Habib Bank Limited:

HBL is a Habib Bank Limited. This bank is providing good services in Pakistan. But these people are spreading such information. So, they are giving a bad name to HBL. 

There are a large number of HBL Debit card discounts. Bank Al Habib debit card and HBL debit card are two different things. 

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You should know that there is a free debit card fraud. There are a large number of such frauds. The ILMILOG Team will work on those. But you should be aware these days. 

Other Debit Card Services: 

However, there are different service providers in Pakistan. You may get the service of Jazz, Easypaisa of Telenor, etc. A credit card is different from a debit card. You can use a debit card in an ATM machine. However, a credit card is called a Visa card. You may use a credit card for online shopping. 

In conclusion, these cards are facilitators for citizens. But if you will not try to save yourself. Then there may be a chance you use these cards in front of fraud.

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