Online Taleem Ghar Punjab 2020

Online Taleem Ghar Punjab YouTube Channel 2020

Online Taleem Ghar Punjab YouTube Channel 2020 has uploaded. The government of Punjab has launched an official youtube channel of Taleem Ghar.

Taleem Ghar Punjab is a new setup for kids of the province. It is an era of technology. So, people are aware of the new technology in 2020. Therefore, the government is trying to start online teaching in Punjab.

The parents will check the local cable TV channel. So, the children will watch their lectures on that TV channel. If there is a cable network in the area.

Online Taleem Ghar Punjab YouTube Channel 2020:

In case, there is no availability of cable tv in your area. Then you should download these lectures from the youtube channel. There is a large number of tv channels on youtube.

So, it is necessary to go to the link where you assess perfect lectures. When you will search on youtube. There is a possibility that you will not get the official link of a tv channel.

For Perfect Official Taleem Ghar Channel Click Here

The education department in Punjab is working for the last few years to learn Punjab. This Taleem Ghar is a new concept of Punjab government. Punjab Taleem Ghar is a house of knowledge.

Taleem Ghar Punjab Program

Role of Parents:

Only the government could not take a step ahead if parents will not participate. It is an essential part of that program that parents will work with from time to time.

They will take part in that the children are present in front of the tv. The children are searching well on youtube. Teachers teach in class but it is not a class. Taleem Ghar is a school at home. Where it is an exam of parents.

The parents are not participating as they should. So, they can not create a learning environment. Therefore, all programs of the government like online Taleem Ghar flops.

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  1. Assalamu Alaikum Sar main cable operator Hoon Sar aapane Jo program Shuru Kiya Hai online taleem Ghar koi bhi cable operator ko manage nahin kar pa raha koi live channel banae vah Batr rahega thank you Allah Hafiz

    1. Thanks for contacting us
      Govt is working on it. please read other methods to upload through youtube.
      ilmilog dot com

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