Pakistan Salary Budget 2020-21 for Federal Govt Employees

Our team is updating the Pakistan Salary Budget 2020-21 for Federal Govt Employees. Firstly, the federal government will present budget 2020-21.

After that, the provincial government of four provinces of Pakistan may follow this budget.

Pakistan Salary Budget 2020-21:

Pakistan’s government is preparing an annual budget for the fiscal year 2020. The Finance minister will present soon in front of cabinet divisions. The finance ministry official website has announced a schedule through circular on 6th February.

Our government official is preparing for the budget 2020-21 presentation. They may perform on 29th May in front of the cabinet. If they complete the whole procedure as told.

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Why Salary Budget for Government Employees?

Every year, all government officials (Finance minister) estimate the previous fiscal year. Similarly, he checks the new year’s demands with the comparison. In this regard, he does not work alone. A full team cooperates and prepare this annual budget.

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However, there is complete work behind it. So, the government tries to fulfill the demands of employees. It matters the economic sector that is in loss or profit.

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Salary Increase Demand of Employees in Budget:

The government employees are facing problems in lockdown. Similarly, there are a large number of daily wage employees. They are suffering from corona disease lockdown.

So, all employees are demanding to increase a minimum of 50% of salaries in the coming budget.

A piece of happy news is in the newspaper these days. In the daily newspaper, a reporter has said that this government will increase salaries in the budget. He also added that the government has not increased salary yet. So, the finance minister will announce a handsome salary increase.

Expected Ad-hoc Relief 2020 in Budget 2020-21

However, the employees of all departments are waiting to increase the basic salary as well as allowances.

In conclusion, the salary budget 2020-2021 will prove as fruitful for employees. They will happy after the presentation of this budget.

The News of print media has shared below for your information.

Pakistan Salary Budget 2020
Pakistan Salary Budget 2020

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10 thoughts on “Pakistan Salary Budget 2020-21 for Federal Govt Employees”

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  3. I think there should be 500% increase in salaries of gov. persons. Government people are really working hard including establishment, as of now Pakistan is among the list of developed & corruption-free countries. They really worked hard to get Pakistan at this position.
    May rest in peace.

  4. We hope that the government will try to increase the salary of government employees in budget 2020-2021 despite of “Corona Virus”. On one side this virus has very badly affected the economy of the country, on the other hand a huge amount has been received to government treasury in shape of donation from inside and outside of the country. Therefore the remedy of the griviances of the govt employyes is necessary for the government of Pakistan. The matter is not to pressurise the govt to increase 100% increase in salaries but the matter is that The inflation may be contained and taken under strict surveillance to mitigate the oppressed and poor class of the society or the salaries may be increased according to the inflation and market rate of the economy. Otherwise the employees will suffer economical constraint if their salaries may not be increased keeping in view the inlation rate of the items to be used for day to day requirements.

    The other request is that the employees from BS-1 to BS-5 suffer difficulty in getting hiring facility in big cities despite of allowing them for hiring of residential accommodations according to their entitled ceiling. The are unable to serarch suiteable residential accommodations under the entitled ceilings and it is impossible too. It will be highly appreciated if the “entitled Ceiling” amount for hiring of residential accomodations in big cities may kindly be included/merged to the salaries of employees from BS 1-5 in order to bring them out of the tension they are suffering . Submitted for kind and sympathetic consideration of the authorities to include the case in current financial budget 2020-2021 please.
    ( Abdul Qayyum )

    1. Thanks ( Abdul Qayyum ) for visiting here
      our team is working for employees and your suggestion are right for lower scale employees. Government will consider it and will give relief to lower scale employees in Budget 2020-21.
      Ilmilog Guru

      1. Very very thanks for including my suggestions in your good agenda. You will also get the credit and will receive good prays of lower grade employees if their demand is accepted. With the bless of Allah Almighty I am not a low grade employee but I realize their difficulties. With regards.

        ( A- Qayyum )

  5. Finance Minister Hafiz Sheikh will present the Federal Budget of Pakistan(Pakistan budget) in National Assembly on 12th June 2020 and you can budget-2020 21 Pakistan latest news and budge.2020 21 Pakistan in Urdu pdf

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