Pay Calculator Deductions 2020 in Microsoft Excel Punjab Employees

Enjoy Pay Calculator Deductions 2020 in Microsoft Excel Punjab Employees. We have updated a new pay calculator deduction 2020 for Punjab employees on this page.

A notification no. PS/AFS(R)Misc/2018 has issued. The Finance Department of Punjab has issued on 7 April 2020. It has submitted to the accountant general Punjab Lahore.

Pay Calculator Deductions 2020:

In the notification, a finance department has mentioned government employees. It has told employees about the CM Fund. Why CM Fund has created?

Above all, you know that COVID 19 is out of control in the world. There is no vaccine of that pandemic disease. Our country Pakistan is also suffering from this. Therefore, CM funds have created to control this disease.

So, Punjab employees will contribute to this fund. How will they contribute? In addition, the government has clarified in the notification that they will contribute scale-wise.

A number of Days to deduct:

How many days pay deduction of Punjab employees as per this notification. A notification is clarifying that a government employee will give the basic salary of one day, two or three days.

Who will give a one day salary? The government employees will contribute a one day salary having BPS1 to BPS16.

Similarly, the government employees will contribute the two days salary having BPS17 to BPS19.

However, the government employees will contribute the three days salary having BPS20 to BPS22.

Download New Calculator 2020:

Our expert team has created a pay deduction calculator for the employees of Punjab. In this regard, we have uploaded so easy excel sheet for you. A link has given below for you to download this calculator.

Pay Deduction Calculator 2020

YouTube Video Redirect to Download:

The above link will redirect you to the video on youTube. Our team has given a direct link in the description of the above YouTube video link.

In conclusion, our ILMILOG team is working hard for the employees of Pakistan. They are creating such a calculator in the past. You may download from the links of posts below.

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Pay Calculator Deductions 2020
Pay Calculator Deductions 2020

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