E-Transfer Policy Punjab Teachers Timeline Notification 2020-21

How to apply for e-transfer policy Punjab teachers. The government of Punjab has announced a new policy. So, e-transfer will start through SIS App. So, The Punjab Government School education has updated a new transfer schedule for Punjab teachers. All Punjab school teachers will apply as per the given policy 2020.

Punjab education minister Murad Raas updates his tweet account on a daily basis. Therefore, he has tweeted recently that e-transfer is open now on 10-06-2020. The complete timeline notification has issued.

E-Transfer Policy Punjab Teachers:

sis Punjab e transfer 2021 process has started now in the month of May.

The government of the Punjab school education department has updated the e-transfer policy on 4th June 2020. A meeting held on 03-06-2020 under the chairmanship of special secretary operations. After that, a notification regarding the minutes of the meeting has issued.

sis Punjab e transfer 2021 soon

This meeting started with the recitation of the Holy Quran and welcomed all members there. So, there was a detailed discussion between all members of the committee. At the end of the discussion, the following points are final.

  1. The quota ratio has determined here. It has considered as calculating the number of teachers by their subject. After a detailed discussion with Deputy Secretary (Elementary). it has decided that for the elementary head, the number of teachers is the number of teachers assigned to those posts For all other subject groups. The number of teachers has considered as the number of teachers posts. Similarly, the number of teachers of that subject assigned to elementary head posts.
  2. Physical Education and Computer Science posts will not be considered in the quota calculations (as confirmed by Service rules).
  3. During the verification process, it came into the knowledge of the Department that there are more than 400 teachers who joined service before the age of 18 years. Such scrutiny has not conducted in the previous five rounds. So, it has decided that PITB will provide all such teachers and CEOs MEAs) will investigate them Data of under-aged leechers has not verified. However, in the case of data error, the DMO office has given access to correction.
  4.  Like in the previous rounds, the enrolment number has considered. It has not considered in the previous school census.
E-transfer policy Timeline 2020
E-transfer policy Timeline 2020

sis Punjab e transfer 2021 soon

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