How Much Salary Increase in Budget 2021-22 Pay & Pension

I shall write now about how much Salary increase in Budget 2021-22 Pay & Pension. Ary News Anchor Arshid Sharif has shared Dr. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh’s interview previous budget. He has told in this interview full detail of budget 2021-22. The finance minister has also told about employees’ salary increase pay & pension in the upcoming budget.

Budget 2020-21 Latest News >>

How Much Salary Increase in Budget 2021-22:

Federal Budget 2021-22 Pakistan date is 12th June. The government of Pakistan has announced the budget 2021-22 date. Therefore, the Finance advisor has shared the information regarding budget 2020 in the TV Program.

Salary Latest News in Budget 2020-21

All employees in Pakistan are waiting for a salary increase in Budget 2021-22. So, the newspaper is spreading the salary news day by day. There is not any confirmation news yet. The employee listens to a 50% increase in salary news but the other day it shows only a 5% increase.

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However, There is different news for employees. A newspaper has updated that there is no increase in salaries due to COVID 19. Therefore, an employee can not focus on this news. They should focus on the Speech of Budget 2021-22. The budget speech will be presented on 12th June in the National Assembly.

Budget 2021-22 Salary Updates:

In addition, there are different proposals in the finance ministry to increase the salaries of employees.

  1. Merge two Adhoc Relief Allowance and revise pay scale chart 2021
  2. 20% Adhoc Relief 2021 on new basic revised pay scale chart 2021

These are two confirmed news yet. But you may say that these are the news of newspapers with no notification. So, it may say no confirmation there.

Similarly, the finance division has announced that we have not selected a proposal. There are many proposals to consider but not confirmed yet.

I shall try to give you daily updates on this page until the budget speech. So, keep visiting here on this web page to search for a clear picture of budget 2021-22.

Newspapers Salary Updates of pay scale chart 2021 in Budget 2021-22:

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"APCA How much Salary increase Budget 2020-21
How much Salary increase Budget 2021-22
How much Salary increase Budget 2021-22
How much Salary increase Budget 2021-22

Pakistan budget 2021-22 and increase in salaries of government employees. Important announcement

Pak Budget 2021-22 Federal Employees

With the new Federal Budget 2021 to 2022 of Pakistan, is widely discussed on every platform here. The Finance Department will announce Pakistan’s budget 2021-22 a few days away in the month of the date of commencement of all provinces including Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and AJK (Azad Jammu and Kashmir). In the budget of 2021-22, the salaries of government employees have been increased. This year’s budget from Punjab through the Ministry of Finance is likely to increase the BPS (Basic Salary Scale) from 10 to 20 percent and the pension from 01 to 22 percent.

Punjab Federal Budget 2021-22 Pakistan

The Federal Budget provides details of all revenues and expenditures at the end of each financial year, presents to the Minister of Finance after discussion with the Ministries in the Finance Budget, analyzes and collects all details of revenue. And make the first planes about its use. Resources that pay off better than last year. If the resources are less than the expenditure, then the government decides how to manage the resources to meet the expenses like foreign loans of different countries.

In February, Finance Minister Asad Umar prepared the Budget 2021-2022 and discussed the decision to increase salaries and said that Pakistan Steel Mills, PIA, and all other departments, according to their sources, and the current economic situation. Depending on how much budget has used.

The Finance Budget defines the percentage of increase in a retired employee’s pension and the tax issue is discussed in the Finance Budget as today’s people are illegally developing our business. And the government decides how to find them. Businesses are hidden.

To find them, the government decides to increase the withholding tax on every banking transaction, and all payments have to be made through the banking channel, which is more than Rs 50,000. Also, talk about the transport business in the budget, which is booming. It has decided to increase the holding percentage from last year to maximize revenue collection.

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Increase in salaries of employees in the budget of Government 2021-2022

The budget will focus on industries that give more revenue to the government and also increase the GDP percentage and increase taxes, and the budget will talk about the electricity that is used for this purpose. It is the key to the development of Pakistan’s economy and industry. Liaison with other countries to help ease the power crisis and allocate budgets. In addition, the government decided to attract foreign investors to start businesses in Pakistan, which would create employment opportunities.

Discussions are being held on GDP and the agricultural sector which is declining for this purpose. The government has decided to increase the selling price of products to farmers and provide subsidiaries in fertilizer products and agricultural machinery. Decided to give many benefits by reducing the import rate.

The education sector and the services sector are important. The current budget has allocated Rs 75 million to the education sector in the 2021, 2022 budget, which is much higher than the previous year and the federal government has decided that for the education sector. The budget has increased more than the last two. Budget of the year because the education sector is very important for the growth of Pakistan’s economy and all other sectors.

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After the implementation of the budget, various political members go on strike against the budget and say that most of the budget is supported by the Punjab government and the Ministry of Defense. To this end, Asad Omar gives a brief summary of the budget allocation to the media and the opposition party. Chief Minister after the strike. Imran Khan decided that we reduce the budget of the government department, and this year’s target is much higher than last year.

Under the supervision of the Finance Department under the Federal Government, various government departments, State Bank of Pakistan has consulted. The works of the Federal Budget have done to achieve the objective of the performance of the existing budget and B Finance Division notification and notification of the Ministry of Finance. Update in PDF format on the official website of the Department of Finance at

Annual Budget 2021-2022 Salary notification of Punjab Government and Federal Finance Division has expected in Pakistan. Pakistan’s budget includes all departments like education, army, and defense, health, rescue 1122, motorway, WAPDA, district government. And Petroleum has announced face to face from 2021 to 2022. The most important thing for this year’s budget, 2021-222, is to increase Pakistan’s education budget.

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