TikTok Best Social Media App

Best Social Media App TikTok has Banned in Pakistan

TikTok Best Social Media App
TikTok Best Social Media App

Best Social Media App TikTok has Banned in Pakistan. In the country, this TikTok App was very popular among families. Today, PTA has taken any action against this App because of indecent and immoral content online.

This TikTok is a Short video sharing App. Recently, this App has most famous among the youngsters of Pakistan. So, there are many new TikTok stars in the country. TikTok App has banned due to bad online content.

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Best Social Media App TikTok:

However, it is true that the TikTok is a popular App in Pakistan. But it has told by authorities, there were many complaints against the immoral content of this App. So, the government is ready to take action against this App.

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Shibli Faraz has said that PM Imran Khan is strict to take action against vulgarity. He said that all aspects which are against the socio-religious values, we are ready to stop those as soon as possible.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has taken serious action for those Apps like TikTok to ban. Imran Khan will apply this in the future for those all Apps which are effecting our values of society badly.

Now TikTok has banned but the government will review it in the future.

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