House Rent Allowance New Chart After Summary Approval

House Rent Allowance New Chart has been uploaded here after the Summary Approval of CM Punjab. The Finance Department of Punjab will issue a notification soon. Therefore, a house requisition will be approved for all employees in Punjab.

In addition, the detail of the increase in house rent allowance has been given here for government servants. All government employees are happy after listening to such type of news.

House Rent Allowance New Chart After Summary Approval in Pakistan



In Pakistan, house rent allowance (HRA) is an essential component of an employee’s salary, designed to help offset the cost of accommodation for those living away from their hometown or in rented properties. The government regularly reviews and updates the HRA rates to keep pace with inflation and prevailing rental costs. Recently, after summary approval by the relevant authorities, Pakistan has introduced a new HRA chart that aims to provide relief to employees and ensure fair compensation in line with the country’s economic conditions.

Summary Approval and Its Implications:

The decision to revise the HRA chart follows a thorough analysis of the current economic situation in Pakistan. The government, in consultation with economic experts and stakeholders, approved the new HRA rates through a summary process. The summary approval ensures timely implementation of the revised rates, providing immediate benefits to millions of salaried employees across various sectors.

Key Features of the New HRA Chart:

  1. Regional Variations: The revised HRA chart takes into account the significant regional disparities in rental prices across Pakistan. Different urban centers experience varying housing costs, and the new chart addresses this issue by categorizing cities into different zones, each with its specific HRA rate.
  2. Increased Allowance: The primary objective of the new HRA chart is to enhance the financial assistance provided to employees for housing-related expenses. As a result, the new rates have witnessed a notable increase compared to the previous chart, ensuring better support for those grappling with rising rents.
  3. Tax Implications: HRA is a tax-exempt allowance in Pakistan, subject to certain conditions. The revised HRA chart maintains this tax advantage, providing relief to employees by reducing their tax liability and increasing their take-home pay.
  4. Periodic Review: The government has emphasized the importance of regular reviews of the HRA chart to keep it aligned with prevailing market conditions. As the cost of living and rental rates fluctuate over time, periodic revisions will help ensure that employees receive adequate assistance for their housing needs.

Benefits for Employees:

The implementation of the new HRA chart offers several advantages for salaried employees in Pakistan:

  1. Financial Relief: The increased HRA rates will ease the burden of high rental costs, providing much-needed financial relief to employees and enabling them to manage their household expenses more effectively.
  2. Better Standard of Living: With a higher HRA, employees can afford to choose better accommodation options, leading to an improved standard of living and increased overall well-being.
  3. Enhanced Job Mobility: Employees are often hesitant to relocate for work due to housing concerns. The new HRA rates may incentivize job mobility, benefiting both employees and employers seeking a skilled workforce from different regions.
  4. Economic Stimulus: The rise in HRA rates could potentially stimulate the real estate sector as employees might seek better housing options, thereby boosting economic activity in the construction and rental markets.

House Rent Allowance 2023 Chart:

The finance department Punjab committee will approve this house rent chart soon for employees. The prime minister has approved this house rent allowance for federal workers.  So, according to the sources, all provincial employees will get benefits from HR allowance in the future.

However, the provincial employees and Punjab government workers are happy with this news. They are enjoying this news because, after a long time, they could not listen to it.

Similarly, all workers from other provinces are also happy that they will get some benefit in the future.

The government will approve a scale-wise allowance for employees. The employees will get the benefit from that allowance on a monthly basis. So, it is new hope after the budget.

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The old House Rent Allowance Chart 2020 is as under,

Basic Scale of an Employee House Rent Allowance Monthly
01 4800
02 4900
03 5050
04 5200
05 5400
06 5600
07 5800
08 6000
09 6200
10 6400
11 6600
12 7000
13 7500
14 8000
15 8500
16 10000
17 16000
18 20000
19 31000
20 36000
21 40000
22 43000

Full Detail in Urdu


The introduction of the new HRA chart after summary approval in Pakistan represents a positive step towards ensuring fair compensation for employees facing escalating rental costs. By addressing regional variations and offering increased allowances, the government aims to provide financial relief to salaried individuals, enhancing their standard of living and overall job satisfaction. Regular reviews of the HRA chart will further strengthen its effectiveness in the years to come, fostering economic growth and stability across the nation.

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