SED HRMS Files Preparation

SED HRMS Files Preparation for Punjab Teachers in October 2020

The School Education Department has forced for sed HRMS files preparation in October 2020. So, this SED Punjab has provided a checklist to follow instructions. Therefore, we are providing a full guide to teachers for the preparation of SED HRMS files here.

SED HRMS Files Preparation:

The Government of Punjab school education department wants to prepare online data for teachers. Similarly, the higher education department is working on this task. This is a slow process but it will help teachers in the future.

However, all teachers are feeling a burden now. But it is necessary for every teacher to prepare HRMS files.

There are two parts of Files to prepare.

Part 1: Title of File:

In this part, there is no problem for teachers. So, teachers may paste or write this part on the cover of a file.

SED HRMS Files Preparation
SED HRMS Files Preparation

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Part 2: Checklist of Documents:

In addition, the SED has prepared a checklist for teachers. These are complete guidelines for those who are feeling pain. Therefore, the govt wants to help those, and teachers should take responsibility for future ease.

So, there are a large number of documents on the checklist. Therefore, Please check the mandatory first given below,

  1. Firstly, Computerized CNIC of an Employee
  2. Domicile
  3. Salary Slip September 2020
  4. Matriculation Copy (Marks Sheet and Certificate سند)
  5. Intermediate Copy (Marks Sheet and Certificate سند)
  6. Bachelor Degree Copy (Marks Sheet and Certificate سند)
  7. Master Degree Copy (Marks Sheet and Certificate سند)
  8. M.Phil (if any)
  9. Ph.D. (if any)
  10. B.Ed. Copy (Marks Sheet and Certificate سند)
  11. M.Ed. Copy or MA (Education) (Marks Sheet and Certificate سند)
  12. Induction and promotion linked training certificates
  13. Copy of First Appointment Order (Letter of Agreement)
  14. Joining report of first appointment order
  15. Promotion orders copy with related joining reports
  16. CNIC copy of Spouse for married only
  17. Transfer order copy with related joining relieving reports
  18. Service book copies not original
  19. Nikah Nama for married only
  20. Educational Equivalence certificates copies
  21. Disability Certificate for Disabled
  22. Passport (if any)

There is a total of 22 documents. So, It was hard to prepare such complete HRMS files.

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