Ba-Himmat Buzurg Program Punjab Launched for 65 Years and Above

The Chief Minister of Punjab has launched Ba-Himmat Buzurg Program for 65 Years of age and Above citizens. So, the government will give 2000 per month to Bazurg citizens of Punjab. All old citizens of Punjab are happy to know about this latest update.

However, the Chief Minister of Punjab has inaugurated this program a few days ago. You know that the chief minister of Punjab named Usman Buzdar. He was happy to announce the new old citizen’s program.

Ba-Himmat Buzurg Program Punjab Launched for 65 Years and Above

In addition, there are different main points. Before registration, it is necessary to know about these eligibility criteria.

Main Points:

  • 2 Arab Rupees (20 Billion for this program initially announced).
  • I have told you in the title of this post that the age limit is 65 years & above.
  • The maximum stipend is 2000 per month for one citizen.

Eligibility Criteria Ba-Himmat Buzurg Program:

  1. All those may apply to have an age limit of 65 and above.
  2. The poverty ratio must be between 16.18 and 30.
  3. The female will be preferred in the family. if there is no woman then the male husband on eligibility.

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How to Register for this Program:

It is the main question that how to apply and register for that program. Still no need to apply. The Punjab government has started a survey and after completion of the survey, we shall upload the full procedure here. On the basis of the visitor’s interest, our team will help you to apply for that program.

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