School Census Form 2020 Annual on SIS App for Submission & Download

The School education department gathers information from schools of Punjab. These are the school census Form 2020 this year. So, all schools prepare the census form on annual basis.

In the previous month, the Punjab government SED has issued a notification. This is a notification about the annual school census and it has issued on 27th October 2020. This notification has updated that the final date is 31 October 2020.

School Census Form 2020 Annual on SIS App for Submission & Download

However, It is necessary to submit this form within the due date. So, all schools in Punjab prepares that census form in October every year. In addition, I tell you that the subject of this notification is the annual school census 2020 through SIS.

Similarly, the SED has ordered to prepare census form this year. So, all primary, elementary High, and higher secondary schools will prepare this form.  The responsibility has imposed on the headteacher of a school to prepare and submit it.

The headteacher will submit it correctly and completely accurate data.

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How to Submit Annual Census Form 2020:

This is very easy to prepare a census with the help of the school information system SIS. So, you may see a button “census 2020” in the image below.

School Census Form 2020
School Census Form 2020

There are a few steps to prepare and complete it. Firstly, click or touch on “census 2020”. Then touch the prepare button. Similarly, if there are errors then remove them and submit that census 2020.

After submission, if you feel that there are mistakes. then delete it and again submit till it allows to delete.

How to Download:

At last, you will download this census form in pdf format. for this purpose, you will click on the link But it is necessary to log in first to download the census form. You will use EMIS code as a username and SIS password.

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