Taleem Ghar Online Teaching Program for Students in Pakistan

Taleem Ghar Online Teaching

The government has started a new Taleem Ghar Online Teaching Program for Students in Pakistan. Similarly, the Punjab government has followed it. Due to COVID-19, it was necessary to close all educational institutes. So, these educational institutions have closed all over the world.

In addition, COVID-19 is creating problems all over the world. Similarly, Pakistan has effected seriously in this regard. So, in the first phase, the government of Pakistan decided to close all educational institutions on 16th March 2020. After that, there were 6 months long holidays for students.

Taleem Ghar Online Teaching Program for Students in Pakistan

However, as written above, there were long holidays in Pakistan for students. Therefore, the government has started online TV Channels for teaching. So, they named it “Taleem Ghar”. The students of AIOU are familiar with this distance learning program. But this is a university level. So, it is very difficult to follow for school students.

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A YouTube channel “Taleem Ghar” has started in this regard. So that the students download their lectures for future use. It is a good online learning process. But, there is difficulty to proceed in our country.

In Pakistan, there are maximum people living below the poverty line. So, it is necessary for the government to provide free data for students.

Watch Information about Taleem Ghar here

Long Winter Holidays and Online Teaching:

Now 2nd phase of COVID-19 has started in November 2020. So the government again has decided to close educational institutes again. Therefore, it has decided to close till 10th January 2021. Similarly, the starting date is 26th November 2020.

It means that the students are in trouble again. So, this Taleem Ghar online teaching program will help him. They should download videos from YouTube or watch TV.

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