Online Retirement System Punjab Teachers 2021 of Murad Rass

Online Retirement System for Punjab teachers has started now. Dr. Murad Raas has launched this new system here. So, Punjab teachers will get the benefit from this system soon. Now employees are happy with this new technology.

Online Retirement System Punjab
Online Retirement System Punjab

However, there are a few problems yet. But if you know about this new tech system. Then it is very easy for all to use. The employees are not happy with the behavior of some officials. So, they want to get pension slips online.

Online Retirement System Punjab Teachers 2021 of Murad Rass

In addition, Dr. Murad Rass has launched this online retirement system for teachers in Punjab. Therefore, the teachers will get pension online now. When a teacher will log in my pension online. Then they will get pension slips at home.

Punjab Education Minister Dr. Murad Rass has said that today’s online system for teachers has started. He has inaugurated the online retirement system for teachers at Wahdat Road, Lahore. Similarly, It will help in old age. The people will get ease in panic. When they approach their retirement. But they face problems due to the complexities of the system.

But now online system will start their retirement certification. With this online system, they will not feel any pain.

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School Reopening:

The media spokesman said that Dr. Murad Rass has discussed the current situation. The education minister has said that he will check the overall situation of COVID19 in the country. After that, all educationists of the country will take collective decisions.

However, he will reopen school beyond January 10. In the coming days, the education minister will digitalize all matters of schools.

At last, Dr. Murad Rass has added that he has launched few systems before. He said that he has received online transfer applications. So, there is no problem to set the merit of transfer applications.

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