Federal Budget 2021-22 Pakistan Timeline Schedule


Federal Budget 2021-22 Pakistan has scheduled till May June this year. The government agrees to increase salaries and pensions in the Budget.

When the government will present this Budget 2021? Big news Government employees will hear the news of an increase in salaries and pensions?

Federal Budget 2021-22 Pakistan
Federal Budget 2021-22 Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The news has reported about the federal budget. When will government employees be able to hear the news of the increase in their salaries and pensions? I shall give you full news regarding this budget. The employees of Pakistan will hear good news soon  The Ministry of Finance of Pakistan has released the full schedule.

Federal Budget 2021-22 Pakistan Timeline Schedule

There has been a lot of outrage among government employees in early January and this is due to the fact that salaries and pensions have not been increased even in the last budget in 2020. Therefore, all the employees have started protesting. The APCA Pakistan has held its first protest call on January 12. Now, if salaries and pensions have not increased in proportion to inflation. So, the APCA Association says that an increase is necessary before the budget, otherwise a sit-in will be arranged soon.

Now in this regard, the government of Pakistan says that the salary and pension will be increased this time and this increase will not be before the budget 2021 but from July 1, which has been rejected by government employees and insisted on this. Given that there has been a lot of inflation, it is necessary to increase salaries and pensions by a few percent as soon as possible.


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Budget 2021 Schedule Full Timeline has prepared?

March 15, 2021: On this date, the budget will be evaluated with the role of the Ministry of Finance. So, the revenue department tasked to start its preparation. The Finance division will estimate the budget expenditure on the same day.

The second week of March: This week the Ministry of Finance will prepare the budget paper.

The first week of April: Demand will be taken by calling the first meeting of the Finance Ministry Committee. And budget papers will be presented to the cabinet.

The third week of April: After the further budget meetings, various agencies will work on it.

April 26 to May 14: Various forms will be presented for the current budget.

By the end of May: The budget will be finalized and any changes are expected.

The budget will be presented in the first week of June, with a final date to be announced later.


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