Punjab School Enrollment Drive 2021 PMIU & PESRP

Punjab School Enrollment Drive 2021 of PMIU & PESRP has started now. So, the Punjab govt has issued a letter to start enrollment drive soon. This letter has issued on 27th January 2021.

However, the district education authority has ordered to start this enrollment campaign on 1st February. Therefore, all school headteachers will display banners and posters to start admission to the school.

Punjab School Enrollment Drive 2021 PMIU & PESRP

In addition, PMIU & PESRP has issued this letter to district officers in Punjab. They will further order to school higher authority. Then they will start to display banners and posters for admission.

The program director has written about the facts in this letter. He has said that the govt agrees to give quality education across the country. So, the PTI govt is working on out of school children.

In other words, prime minister Imran Khan has ordered to Punjab govt. So, CM will take numerous steps for children to go to school. Similarly, the Punjab govt has already started various programs in this regard.

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The school council members will engage the parents of children. Therefore, CM, the education minister, and the secretary of education have decided to take action on the enrollment drive. They have said that the school authority will display banners in front of the school.

This task will be completed by 31st January 2021. However, He has said that the headteacher will pay these charges from NSB. They will take approval from school councils.

Punjab School Enrollment Drive

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