KPK School Teachers SST Upgradation BPS-16 to 17 Regular

KPK School Teachers SST Upgradation BPS-16 to 17 Regular. The Secondary school teachers have upgraded from BPS-16 to BPS-17. The elementary and secondary education KPK has issued this letter on 19-02-2021. So, this letter has submitted to the secretary of finance of KPK.

However, the subject is showing post-up-gradation of SST in the province as regular BPS-17.

KPK School Teachers SST Upgradation BPS-16 to 17 Regular

In addition, it has directed the subject and to enclose herewith letter No. 931184, dated 26-01-21. So, the Director Elementary & Secondary Education Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Peshawar has forwarded the demand of SST Welfare Association for grant of up-gradation of SST front BPS-16 to BPS-I 7 regular.

In other words, it is pertinent to mention here that the demand of the SST teachers. So, it has also recommended by standing committee No. 26 for ESED of Provincial Assembly in its meeting held on 05-01-2015. Therefore, the resolution has adopted unanimously by the Provincial Assembly. So, it has allowed the SST teachers up-gradation on the analogy of sister Provinces here.

The august Peshawar High Court. Abbottabad Bench vide its judgment dated 22-11-2017 also directed to place the subject case before the Provincial Government/Cabinet for up-gradation of SST posts on the analogy of sister Provinces.

In light of the above, this Department proposes that:

All the SSTs having a Master’s Degree with B.Ed. upgrade them from BPS-I6 to BPS-17 regular.

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The SST who have no Master’s Degree promoted to BPS-17 when they acquire Master Degree or as per provisions under their service rules.

The Administrative Department also allowed amending service rules accordingly.

It is, therefore, requested that the subject case may be placed before the up-gradation committee of the Finance Department for favorable consideration, please.

KPK School Teachers SST
KPK School Teachers SST

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