Primary and Secondary Health Care Department Order


Primary and Secondary Health Care Department Order 2021. So, the government has issued Order No. SO (G)/PLSHDR1-11/2021. The government Punjab primary and secondary healthcare department has issued on dated Lahore the 26th February 2021.

In addition, In the exercise of powers under Sections 4© 5(1)(e), 5(1 )(1) “The Punjab Infectious Diseases (Prevention and Control) Act 2020”, I. So, Captain (R) Muhammad Usman is serving as a Secretary of the Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department Punjab. The Chief Minister, Punjab, has approved the order as follows: –

Primary and Secondary Health Care Department Order


The provision of quality healthcare services is a vital aspect of any society, and governments around the world are continuously striving to improve and strengthen their healthcare systems. In the Indian state of Punjab, the Primary and Secondary Health Care Department has taken significant steps to enhance healthcare delivery and ensure the well-being of its citizens. In this article, we will delve into the details of the Primary and Secondary Health Care Department Order in Punjab, exploring its objectives, key initiatives, and the impact it has had on healthcare services in the state.

However, Timing of Commercial Activities and Amusement Parks: The time limit for all commercial activities has lifted.

50% work from Home: The condition of 50% of staff working from home has hereby lifted.

Indoor weddings (Functions): It has been allowed from 15-03-2021 subject to the adoption of COVID-19 guidelines.

Indoor Dining: It has been allowed from 15-03-2021.

Cinemas and Shrines: Opening of shrines & cinemas has been allowed from 15-03-2021.

Mask-wearing: All citizens shall use face covering and maintain social distancing in confined public spaces.

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Primary and Secondary Health Care Department

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Strengthening Healthcare: A Closer Look at the Primary and Secondary Health Care Department Order in Punjab

Objectives of the Department Order:

The Primary and Secondary Health Care Department Order in Punjab was formulated with the aim of achieving several important objectives, including:

  1. The order prioritizes access to quality healthcare for all residents of Punjab, regardless of their socioeconomic background or location. It aims to reduce disparities and bridge the gap in healthcare infrastructure and services between rural and urban areas.
  2. Strengthening primary healthcare: Recognizing the crucial role of primary healthcare in preventive and curative healthcare. So, the order emphasizes the development and strengthening of primary healthcare centers (PHCs). Similarly, this includes improving infrastructure, enhancing the availability of essential drugs, ensuring the presence of qualified healthcare professionals, and promoting community participation in healthcare initiatives.
  3. Enhancing secondary healthcare facilities: The order also emphasizes the need to bolster secondary healthcare infrastructure in the state. It focuses on upgrading district hospitals and sub-district hospitals, equipping them with state-of-the-art medical equipment, and increasing the availability of specialized healthcare services.
Key Initiatives:

To achieve its objectives, the Primary and Secondary Health Care Department in Punjab has implemented several key initiatives:

  1. Infrastructure development:

    The state has made significant investments in upgrading and building new healthcare infrastructure across Punjab. So, this includes the construction and renovation of primary health centers, district hospitals, and other healthcare facilities.

  2. Human resource management: The department has taken steps to address the shortage of healthcare professionals by recruiting and deploying doctors, nurses, and paramedical staff in various healthcare institutions.

    The department has made efforts to enhance the skills and capabilities of healthcare professionals through training programs and capacity-building initiatives.

    Community engagement: Recognizing the importance of community participation in healthcare, the department has launched awareness campaigns and community mobilization programs to promote health education, disease prevention, and immunization drives. This approach aims to empower communities to take charge of their own health and well-being.

  3. Technological advancements: The adoption of technology has played a crucial role in improving healthcare services in Punjab. Electronic health records, telemedicine facilities, and online appointment systems have been implemented to streamline healthcare delivery, enhance patient care, and reduce waiting times.
Impact on Healthcare Services:

The Primary and Secondary Health Care Department Order in Punjab has had a significant impact on healthcare services in the state. Some notable achievements include:

  1. Improved access to healthcare: The expansion of healthcare infrastructure and the deployment of healthcare professionals in underserved areas have significantly improved access to healthcare services, particularly in rural and remote regions of Punjab.
  2. Enhanced quality of care: Upgraded healthcare facilities, better-equipped hospitals, and the availability of specialized services have contributed to an overall improvement in the quality of care provided to patients across the state.
  3. Effective disease management: Through increased community engagement and awareness campaigns, the department has successfully managed and controlled the spread of diseases, including communicable diseases, thereby safeguarding public health.
  4. Efficient healthcare delivery: The incorporation of technology and digital systems has streamlined healthcare delivery, reducing administrative burdens, minimizing waiting times, and enhancing the overall efficiency of healthcare services.

The Primary and Secondary Health Care Department Order in Punjab shows the government’s dedication to strengthening healthcare services and ensuring citizen well-being. It focuses on improving primary healthcare, enhancing secondary healthcare facilities, and fostering community engagement. These efforts have led to notable achievements, including improved access, enhanced quality, and efficient delivery of healthcare services in the state. Punjab’s commitment to healthcare sets an example for other regions, demonstrating the transformative impact of a well-implemented healthcare policy.

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