The Highest Court Order for Educators Pay Protection Case


The Highest Court Order has issued for Educators Pay Protection Case. So, the educators of Punjab are happy today after the Supreme court decision today. The Supreme court of Pakistan has decided and issue a document for a file.

In addition, this is a historical decision for the teachers of Punjab province. The educators were searching for this decision for the last ten to 15 years. Now they have satisfied from this court.

The Highest Court Order for Educ ators Pay Protection Case


However, we will tell you about the decision today. The court has given a documentary decision as below.

That it is also a matter of record that the Federal Government has granted BS-17 to all SST teachers.

That treatment In accordance with the law and to enjoy equal protection is an alienable fundamental right of the petitioner but here through a notification dated 25th September. 2017. The Secondary School Teachers have victimized. Similarly, the same has modified at that time.

That the petitioner has no other adequate and efficacious remedy except to invoke the constitutional jurisdiction of this Honorable Court.

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In the circumstances, it has therefore most respectfully prayed. That this writ petition has very kindly accepted and Impugned notification dated 25th September. 2017. to the extent of discontinuation of uplift and upward mobility package and award of 2 annual Increments to the Secondary School Teachers may kindly be modified and Secondary Schools Teachers may kindly be awarded up-gradation to (BS 17 & above) or in the alternate uplift and upward mobility package already availed by the Secondary Schools Teachers may kindly be ordered to be restored In the supreme interest of Justice.

Any other relief which this Honorable Court deems fit and proper may also be awarded to the petitioner.

The Highest Court Order The Highest Court Order


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