Latest Urdu News Dunya Newz

Latest Urdu News Dunya Newz Akhbar for Urdu World on Earth


Latest Urdu News Dunya Newz Akhbar has started for Urdu World on Earth. So, our team has launched this newspaper online. But you can say that is a website.

However, an Urdu news website which will give news on daily basis. Our Pakistanis like this news to read online. So, I shall upload online on daily basis. Therefore, we are working on this website now.

Latest Urdu News Dunya Newz Akhbar for Urdu World on Earth

In addition, there are many Urdu newspapers in print and social media. However, I tell you that seventy million people are speaking this Urdu language in the world. Similarly, some are saying that more than 70 million are speaking. 

So, it is the second language of more than 100 million people;e too. Therefore, it is famous in the world. Different people of different countries have an interest in the language Urdu. 

This language is the official language of our country Pakistan. This language had predominated in India & Pakistan. Different other people of UAE, UK, and USA like this. 

At last, I am introducing a new Urdu language website  I hope maximum people in the world will take interest in it. They will read and share with their friends.


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